How to Use Your System

    Control4 Basic NavigationControl4 Apple TVControl4 Bluray
    Control4 Satellite & Cable TVControl4 Audio GroupingControl4 Airplay
    Control4 CamerasControl4 Locks & SensorsControl4 Lights & Fans
    Control4 Using Lighting ScenesControl4 Creating Lighting ScenesControl4 Editing Lighting Scenes
    Control4 Climate ControlControl4 Climate SchedulingControl4 Pool & Spa
    Control4 Adding iOS DevicesControl4 TV FavoritesControl4 Custom Buttons
    Control4 Tips & Tricks
    Adding Mobile Devices with Nest AppNest Thermostat Basic Navigation with Nest ThermostatNest Thermostat Basic Navigation in Nest App
    Nest Thermostat Eco Mode & Home/Away Nest Thermostat Eco Mode & Home/Away on the ThermostatNest Thermostat Schedule in Nest App
    Nest Thermostat Schedules on ThermostatNest Thermostat HistoryNest Thermostat Nest Sense Settings
    Nest Thermostat Options in Nest App Nest Thermostat Options on Nest Thermostat Nest Thermostat Locking Thermostat
    Nest Thermostat Tips & Tricks
    Sonos Basic NavigationSonos On This Mobile DeviceSonos Search
    Sonos PlaylistsSonos Adding Music ServicesSonos Pandora
    Sonos SiriusxmSonos SpotifySonos Line In
    Sonos AlarmSonos Adding Players & SubsSonos Room Settings
    Sonos TrueplaySonos QueuesSonos Sleep Timer
    Sonos CrossfadeSonos My SonosSonos Tips & Tricks Initial Basic Geo Fencing Customizing Home Scenes Garage Doors Doorbell Irrigation Lights & Thermostats