6 Key Considerations for the Modern Conference Room

Important factors to keep in mind when redesigning one of your business’s most critical collaborative spaces.

modern conference room design

Most businesses use conference rooms – and stepping into most of these meeting spaces is like stepping back in time.

Take a moment to picture your conference room. Got it?

Think about all of the meetings that have been held in this small space throughout the years and how important the decisions made in this room effected your business.

Whether you are discussing plans for an upcoming event or planning out the finances for the next year, a designated space for these conversations helps to keep your team focused and effective.

If you are thinking about renovating your current conference room or designing a new one, here are some things to keep in mind:

AV Technology

A conference room without modern technology is likely to be ineffective in the modern era. What if you may want to show your employees video clips to boost morale? Do you have the tech to support this? Or, you may need to have a video conference with employees who are at a different location or traveling.

Ensuring that your conference room has the AV technology needed to accomplish these tasks can help make improved collaboration possible for your organization. Furthermore, if you need employees to work on computers during the meetings, you should ensure that a laptop is available for each individual.


Imagine the most populated meeting that your company has held in recent months and consider if the current space could support the growth of your business. Considering space and comfort is important when you are sizing a conference room.

Take into account that people are more likely to pay attention when they are comfortable. If you have employees squatting on the floor or standing for the entire meeting, they very well may not be as mentally engaged as they would be if they had a comfortable seat.

Also, if you frequently ask your employees to write or work on their computers while in a meeting, the conference room should be able to support your request. So you should provide ample desk space for each employee.

Chairs & Furniture

If, like most Americans, you have worked at desk job for long, then you know what it is like to try to sit in an uncomfortable chair for extended periods of time. Make sure your conference room is filled with sturdy, comfortable chairs that provide the necessary support for your team members.

Keep in mind that comfort is often connected to productivity. When employees are self-conscious about the type of chair they are sitting in or uncomfortable, they typically don’t work to their full potential.

Conference room tables, podiums, height-adjustable desks, display mounts and other commercial AV furniture is also important to the overall creation of a productive meeting space.

Wireless Internet

While you likely want your employees to keep their phones tucked away or on silent during your meetings, times may arise when you ask them to conduct research on a smartphone. By making high-speed wireless internet available, you can also request that employees bring their laptops with them to the next meeting.

With a wireless connection, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug in all of those computers.


You may think that the brightest lighting is best, but your employees may disagree. Harsh lighting can lead to headaches and an inability to focus. You should ensure that the conference room lighting is soft enough for comfort, yet bright enough so that everyone can see.

Many businesses use automatic shades or blinds so that employees can allow in sunlight as needed and adjust the lighting to create an optimal environment for video conferencing.


If you are starting from scratch, where you decide to build your conference room is also important. You want to make sure the space is accessible to everyone.

For example, if your building does not have an elevator, then you probably should not have the conference room anywhere other than the first floor. If you did choose to have the conference room on another floor, it might not be accessible to individuals with certain handicaps.

Some business owners decide to put their conference room in a separate location because they cannot fit it in their current work spaces. If that is the decision you make, consider how you could revise the situation in the long term. For example, you might consider starting to look into new spaces for your business.

Designing the Best Conference Room & Meeting Space

You should take all of these considerations into account when you are developing your new conference room. We hope these considerations help you to create a space that is suitable for meetings and comfortable for your employees to work in.

At Texadia Systems, we specialize in a whole host of commercial audiovisual technology solutions – including conference room AV. Get ahold of one of our experienced Dallas systems integrators to discuss your next project today.