Have you ever struggled to get your audiovisual equipment to work right before a big event or important meeting – only to find that you need to replace a part or that the new part you need doesn’t work with the system you currently have?

Having a quality, reliable A/V control system is vital for your business.

Our partner, Crestron, is a leader in commercial A/V control systems. Their integrated technology solutions allow you to control all of your A/V systems from one platform. They are known for their performance and reliability.

In 2016, Crestron, was even named Favorite Control System Manufacturer by the rAVe Reader’s Choice Awards.

What makes Crestron an industry leader?

  • Crestron does all of their engineering, manufacturing, procurement and distribution in-house. This gives Crestron complete control over the process and creates a better quality product.
  • Crestron’s design, testing and manufacturing engineers work closely together for 36 months to ensure a quality product.
  • Crestron’s testing exceeds all industry and regulatory standards.
  • Crestron designs and builds products so they all work together. They ensure that any new products will work with their old solutions. This means when one part of your A/V system needs to be replaced, you won’t need a whole new system.
  • Because Crestron does all of their engineering, manufacturing, procurement and distribution, they are able to ship 99% of their products within 24 hours of an order. This makes getting your A/V system back up and running again quick and easy.

Texadia Systems is proud to work with Crestron to provide you with a quality commercial A/V solution that will make sure your control systems are always up and running.

Contract Texadia today to find out if a Crestron control system is the best solution for your meeting space, conference room, boardroom or lobby.