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It’s a new year, which means resolutions are a top priority. Many people have vowed to lose weight, exercise more or get healthier, leading to a surge in new gym memberships.

What better time to evaluate your fitness center’s AV equipment?

With the many gyms competing for new customers, you need to stand out and attract people to your fitness center and then keep them coming back. If you don’t have clean, up-to-date workout equipment, they’ll probably go somewhere that does.

Beyond that, people are much more apt to continue coming back if they enjoy their experience.

How Quality AV Equipment Improves the Experience

Walking on a treadmill and watching whatever soap opera happens to be on doesn’t make for a very exciting workout anymore. With today’s technology, you can provide a more personalized experience for members.

Individual flat screen TVs and port plug-ins for tablets and smartphones allow patrons to watch or listen to whatever they want.

Free Wi-Fi is also a must since it’s become a norm in almost every modern gym. The trick with Wi-Fi is determining how much bandwidth and speed you’ll need to accommodate all of the traffic (and adjusts accordingly to peak time). There’s nothing more frustrating than slow or patchy internet, so make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

Some people and situations warrant a big flat screen TV, quality speakers and other high-quality AV equipment (Zumba, anyone?). Figuring out the best configuration and AV equipment needed for your space is no easy task. This is where the experts come in.

At Texadia Systems, we’re committed to helping you find the right AV solutions for your gym or fitness center that will give your members a unique experience. If you have a business in the Dallas area, talk with one of our experienced AV technicians. We’ll listen to your needs and work to create a system that delivers what you need and is easy to use.

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