switching to a wireless system for presentations

Wireless technology has been part of our everyday lives for years now with innovations like Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV, but it’s been slower to move into the business world.

However, the demand for wireless systems has grown with the implementation of BYOD (bring your own device) for presentations and business meetings.

3 Reasons to Take Your Business Wireless

There are many benefits to wireless presentations, but here are three big ones:

  1. It allows for true collaboration. Wireless presentations make it easier to involve others in your work, such as giving multiple presentations at once and sharing presentations through attendees’ smart phones or tablets.
  2. It increases productivity. The ability to share your content with others in the room helps with collaboration and productivity. It provides clarity and allows everybody the chance to contribute to the conversation.
  3. It’s just so easy. Have you ever worked tirelessly to prepare the perfect presentation, only to realize you don’t have the right cord to project and share it? Being able to walk in with your device and seamlessly connect to the technology in a matter of seconds not only gives you an advantage, but it also makes you look more professional.

AirMedia Wireless Presentations

Crestron, one of our major technology partners and a leader in the A/V industry, offers a wireless presentation system called AirMedia that allows you to seamlessly connect, present, share and collaborate wirelessly.

In recent years, wireless technology has become more reliable and easy to use, making it a preferred audiovisual solution for conference rooms and meeting rooms. Using AirMedia, customers can simply walk into a meeting and connect their presentation seamlessly to the wireless system. The absence of cables also creates a cleaner, more professional look to your conference room.

AirMedia also allows for up to 32 people to connect to the program at the same time and up to four people to present at the same time. Crestron has also developed an AirMedia app that can be downloaded on all computers and make connecting to the system as easy as a mouse click. This kind of collaboration can greatly help boost productivity in your presentations and meetings.

At Texadia Systems, we strive to provide the best and latest technologies to help your business run more efficiently, and we believe wireless presentations are essential for any growing business. To learn more about wireless presentations and other conference room AV solutions for your business, talk with one of our Dallas AV specialists today.