Get Off The Ledge!


Does your technology not working put you on the ledge? Ready to jump? Your day has now been disrupted and you need to find calm in the technology service storm. Just when you least expect an issue to pop up, you can expect it.

There are hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of different products and they all need to play nice in the sandbox. There are dozens of services being used simultaneously with all these wonderful products. One of the products or services acts up and your entire system could be down just when you need it the most.

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Cheap, Good, Fast. Who wins?


If there's one thing we've all learned about projects both personally and professionally, it's that "Good, Fast and Cheap" have an impact one way or the other on the outcome of a project or purchase. We all know this, but we seem to forget this when push comes to shove. I think about this often as our teams are sometimes pushed to try and supply all three. These are usually the projects that falter in expectations from one angle or another to someone. We can't be all three and be successful as a team, as a company or deliver great customer service. The typical premise behind this vicious triangle is:

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Wireless or Wired Internet, Or Both?


With more and more technology revolving around internet access, homes and businesses are increasingly relying on stronger, more reliable, and constant network coverage. WiFi used to be a luxury, but many of the things we’ve come to expect simply won’t work right without an internet connect - be it a landline or wireless.

This shift has led to an important question:

Should your internet network connection be wireless or wired? Or is a hybrid solution best?

Below we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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2017 Best of the Best: LG OLED W-Series TV


Are you looking for a new TV that gives you a cinema-like experience in your own home? What about a digital display that really wow’s your customers?

If so, look no further than the new 65-inch Wallpaper OLED TV made by LG. This new 65-inch OLED TV has won numerous awards, including Engadget Best of the Best and Engadget Best TV Product at CES 2017.

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Viewing Distance: What Size Display for Conference Rooms and Meeting Centers?


You don't want the picture projecting below the line of a conference room table, or conversely you don't want people squinting to see.

Businesses and employers make use of conference rooms for various reasons. These spaces can be the ideal environment for holding meetings, video conference calls with partners and clients around the world, and even training new team members.

When it comes to designing a conference room - whether it is for internal business use or at a hotel or a convention center to be rented for use - there are several things that must be considered to make the room effective.

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A/V Partner Spotlight: SVSi


At Texadia Systems, we strive to use only the best AV equipment available. As a way to show how we do that, we’ve started highlighting some of our biggest and best AV partners, starting last month with Biamp.

The second partner we’d like to introduce you to is SVSi Networked Solutions.

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A/V Partner Spotlight: Crestron


Have you ever struggled to get your audiovisual equipment to work right before a big event or important meeting - only to find that you need to replace a part or that the new part you need doesn’t work with the system you currently have?

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A/V Partner Spotlight: Biamp


Here at Texadia Systems, we partner with only the best AV equipment manufacturers to bring you the highest quality commercial and high-end residential solutions available.

One prominent company that supplies much of our audio equipment is Biamp Systems.

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LED – Get Past the Sticker Shock


The current talk on LED display costs are still at the “it’s a little pricey” stage.  But is it too expensive?  The answer is No.  Are you really weighing the pros and cons of this spectacular product?  Have you been given all the information to make an informed decision?   There are hard conversations that need to take place before you decide on digital display signage and technology.

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2016 AV Trends


Technology is constantly changing, so it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest gadgets and gizmos available. In an effort to help you catch up, here are three of the top audiovisual trends this year that we’re most excited about:

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Football Stadiums of the Future


Football season is upon us, which means millions of fans will funnel into 31 different NFL stadiums for the next several months.

For some fans, there’s nothing quiet like sitting on a hard bleacher, chugging their beverage of choice and cheering for their favorite team with thousands of other diehards. However, some NFL fans are looking for a more “plugged in” experience.

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