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How to Eliminate Echo & Improve Privacy in a Glass-Walled Conference Room



It’s not hard to see why glass-walled conference rooms are popular. They're stylish, sleek, and open up the floor for a collaborative, transparent environment. But there’s one downside to glass rooms that all business owners realize eventually. Glass walls can produce such strong echoes that you might feel like you’re working inside a cave. 

Not only do glass rooms echo, but as your voices bounce off the walls, the rest of the office will hear your conversations. This is not only distracting but may make your staff feel they have little privacy when in the conference room. 

If you recently moved into or built a glass conference room, or if you’re planning to install glass walls, acoustic treatments can go a long way to reduce echo and loud voices. As a commercial AV consultant based in the McKinney, TX area, we’ll share what you should do with a glass office room below. 

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Making Conference Room AV More User-Friendly

Two people at a conference room table participating in a video call.

Hybrid Meetings & Presentations Don’t Have to Be a Headache 

It’s a problem plaguing offices nationwide: ghost conference rooms. As hybrid work grows in popularity and we rely more heavily on technology, many businesses find it easier to join meetings individually online. With half the staff working hybrid and half in the office, conference rooms are left unused. 

But in-person meetings still offer incredible benefits. In the office, people are more likely to voice their opinions, open up, and find solutions they may not have otherwise. Your office’s conference rooms don’t have to go unused—you may just need to make your systems more user-friendly. 

Here’s how you can improve the meeting experience with more strategic conference room audio-video. And if your business is in the Frisco, TX, area, contact Texadia Systems to install these solutions today. 

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3 Ways Commercial AV Can Enhance Productivity

People in a conference room video conferencing with the Crestron Flex tabletop solution.

Upgrade Your Dallas Office with Our Commercial Audio Visual Company

Efficiency is key to staying competitive. Companies nationwide are constantly searching for ways to optimize their operations and improve productivity. While efficiency tactics often involve updating management systems or workflow processes, sometimes your office and the technology you’re using hinder productivity. 

By eliminating distractions and technical difficulties, you can make your office environment a comfortable place to get work done and simplify tasks. Read on to see how these three solutions can benefit your Dallas, Texas, business! 

Looking for commercial AV solutions? Contact Texadia Systems, one of Dallas’ leading commercial audio-visual companies

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The Impact of a Digital Workplace On Your Business

Woman on her computer working from home.

Unite In-Person & Remote Workers with A Digital Workplace System 

To stay ahead, most businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve productivity, collaboration, and efficiency—and we’re sure your business isn’t any different. One such solution that has gained significant traction is the implementation of a digital workplace

What exactly do we mean by a “digital workplace”? It’s not just using technology—a digital workplace is an integrated platform that combines various tools, applications, and technologies to provide employees with a centralized hub for their work. Even if your company meets in person, a digital workplace goes beyond a traditional office space and enables individuals to work seamlessly from anywhere, at any time.

The digital workplace empowers organizations to adapt to the modern era of remote and hybrid work. With the rise of cloud computing and advanced communication technologies, businesses no longer rely solely on physical offices to conduct their operations. Instead, they can leverage the power of a digital workplace to create a more flexible, efficient, and connected work environment.

Here’s how Texadia Systems can help your Dallas business adapt to a digital workplace. And if you’re ready to implement these solutions? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

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What Are Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Group of people in a conference room using Teams Rooms technology for a video call.

Embrace the Future of Hybrid Collaboration

Is your business making the most of today’s hybrid communication technologies? Whether your workplace adopts a hybrid model or operates entirely in-person, video calls have become integral to modern business communication. As the convenience of remote meetings continues to shape the professional landscape, it's crucial to ensure that your teams can seamlessly convene in conference rooms, fostering clear communication and collaboration. 

As many business owners are discovering, achieving this goes beyond merely placing a laptop at the head of the table. Fortunately, cutting-edge tools like Teams Rooms by Microsoft, paired with Teams-certified hardware, open the door to collaborative and user-friendly conferencing spaces. 

If you're exploring hybrid conferencing solutions, keep reading to discover the workings of Teams Rooms and find the best options for your business. 

Ready for a Teams Rooms installation in Dallas, TX? Contact Texadia Systems here

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How AI & Automation Are Transforming the Conference Room

Hand touching a conference room AV controller on table.

Upgrade Hybrid Meetings with Helpful & Exciting New Features 

Just a few years ago, the AI technologies available today would have seemed impossible. Now, artificial intelligence is simplifying our video conferencing experiences while offering incredible new features like live-translation captions. 

As AI and automation become integrated into conference room AV systems, we’re seeing hybrid meetings finally work the way we’ve always wanted. See how AI can transform your conference room setup below! 

And if you’re ready to bring these technologies to your Plano, TX, office? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

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What Sets Texadia Systems Apart for Commercial AV Solutions

An office space with couches, tables, and a video display on the wall.

Explore Our AV Company’s Design-Build Process 

If your business needs new audio-visual technology, you may be unsure where to start. You know you need to hire someone to install video conferencing systems, video walls, or distributed audio. And there are several commercial audio-visual companies in the Dallas area. So why should you partner with our business, Texadia Systems

We think our design-build process and experience give us a different and more complete perspective on commercial AV. Here’s what sets Texadia Systems apart from other commercial AV companies. And if you’re ready to start your installation? Contact us here. 

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How to Create a Peaceful Office Environment with Sound Masking

Woman on her laptop in an office.

Eliminate Distractions & Uncomfortable Silence in the Workplace 

The noise levels in your office space can greatly influence the atmosphere and overall mood. If it’s so quiet that you can hear a pin drop, people may feel like they’re being overheard during private conversations. Alternatively, if there are a lot of loud distractions on top of a busy workload, people may feel overwhelmed or irritated. 

However, there’s a solution to these auditory distractions: sound masking. Read on to see how sound masking systems help bring peace and comfort to offices. And if you’re interested in sound masking for your Dallas business, contact Texadia Systems to get started. 

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Choosing an Audio Network for Conference Rooms: AVB or Dante?

People in a meeting room using conference room AV technology.

Comparing Dante & AVB Network Solutions 

Until recently, if you wanted to distribute real-time audio over long distances or to different locations, you’d need long runs of cables. Long wires can degrade signal quality and create noise and interference. 

Luckily, there’s a better way to distribute audio in the conference room: networked audio. New audio networks can send hundreds of high-resolution audio files to multiple destinations, all over standard Ethernet cables. Audio network systems like Dante and AVB make this possible. But which is best for your business? 

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the differences between AVB and Dante, helping you make the right choice for your conference room AV needs. And if you’re ready to upgrade your conferencing systems in the Plano, TX, area, contact Texadia Systems today. 

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People in a collaboration space talking to four people over video conferencing on a flatscreen display.


If your company practices hybrid work, it’s more crucial than ever to set up a successful communication system in collaboration spaces. Without an effective way to collaborate, people can start to feel siloed, and important information can fall through the cracks. 

To create functional collaboration spaces, partnering with an AV specialist, like Texadia Systems in Dallas, TX, is a smart investment. An AV specialist’s expertise in installing and programming conferencing software and hardware ensures a simple, easy-to-use system that meets all your needs. 

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with an AV specialist. And if you’re ready to learn more for your company? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

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People sitting at a boardroom table watching a presentation given on a Sony 100-inch display.


The quality of your displays can make or break a presentation and enhance the client and customer experience once they step into your Frisco, TX, business.

As businesses evolve and grow, they’re increasingly relying on visual aids to convey complex information, and the demand for top-tier technology solutions has skyrocketed. Enter the Sony 100-inch BRAVIA display—it’s a game-changer in the world of commercial AV!

Learn more about this stunning high-definition screen below. And to get started with these systems in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Texadia Systems here

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People in a conference room using Microsoft Teams and Logitech unified communication solutions.


While the rise in video conferencing and the digital workplace may seem sudden, it’s been a long time coming. In 1964, the Picturephone was the first video calling solution that allowed participants to see who they were talking to on a small television. 

But the Picturephone was incredibly expensive, clunky, and complicated. It wasn’t until the 1990s that video calling solutions began to improve, and we now have the technology to effortlessly communicate with people around the world. 

Today, remote communication can be a seamless and smooth experience—with the right solutions. Many businesses still don’t have the proper hardware in place to make the most of systems like Microsoft Teams. The digital workplace is here to stay, and with hardware built for unified communication solutions, you’ll keep everyone connected.

If your business uses or plans to use a Microsoft Teams system, here’s how Logitech hardware can make the most of your unified communication solutions. And to get started with these systems in Dallas, TX, contact Texadia Systems here

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4 Reasons to Adopt Wireless Conference Room AV

A modern conference room with a video display and city view outside the window.


Modern conference room AV is incredibly convenient and helpful—when it’s done right. We’ve seen many businesses in the Plano, TX, area that struggle with outdated conferencing systems that slow down their meetings. Sharing media on their video displays and speakers is a hassle, and joining video calls becomes a headache for everyone on both ends. 

This can change with a wireless conference room system that’s easy for everyone to use. Wireless content-sharing devices make it simple to share content on displays and speakers, while a room control system consolidates all room devices into one platform. 

Below, we dive into wireless sharing and how it can simplify your conference room experience. And to get started, contact Texadia Systems here

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Ensuring Success for Team Connectivity: Emerging Technologies & Trends

A huddle room with a Zoom Room video conferencing setup.


Is your company practicing flexible hybrid schedules, remote work, or hot desking? As your processes evolve, so should your technologies. In-person teams need a successful way to collaborate with remote staff and vice versa. Is your business equipped to handle that? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest communication and collaboration trends and products, including Zoom Rooms, that help Texas business owners succeed in team connectivity. Ready to learn more? Contact Texadia Systems in Fort Worth to upgrade your conferencing and communication technology. 

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'Bring Your Own Device' to Simplify Conference Room AV

People in a conference room viewing a graph on a video display.


Conference rooms have long featured video and audio displays for people to share content during meetings. But in recent years, conference room technology has moved into the hybrid realm, where people use in-room cameras and microphones to communicate with remote teams. 

With all these devices in meeting rooms, we need an easy way to connect devices to share media and join video calls. There are two ways to do this: either have a dedicated computer in the room or allow people to use their own devices. 

‘Bring your own device,’ or ‘BYOD,’ is by far the most convenient method, as people can share the presentation or software already installed on their laptop to the main display. But achieving BYOD isn’t a simple feat. When people have different devices with varying input models, businesses often run into compatibility issues. 

Here’s how your company in the McKinney, TX-area can make BYOD work with your conference room AV. Ready to get started? Contact Texadia Systems for all your conference room technology needs. 

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How Standardization Impacts the Conference Room User Experience

Three people using conference room AV to conduct a video meeting.

Waste Less Time & Make the Most of Video Conferencing 

Why does it seem like during the most important meetings, technology fails? Maybe it only feels that way, but we’ve all experienced tech not working when we need it most. 

As the modern workplace moves further online with virtual communication and video conferencing, it’s essential to have systems in place that are intuitive to use and troubleshoot. In the conference room, you should be able to start video calls in seconds, with all the essential hardware connected to video conferencing software. 

If your conference room AV isn’t there yet, no worries. Here’s how standardization can help your hybrid meetings run more smoothly. And if you’re ready to upgrade your business’s video conferencing, contact Texadia Systems in Dallas, TX, to get started. 

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Why Businesses Need Teams Rooms

People in a conference room meeting with remote participants over a video call.

Make the Most of Hybrid Work & Your Conference Rooms  

We hear it all too often from all different businesses: “We come into the office, but we don’t meet.” Or, “We still conduct meetings from our desks on our computers. Everyone is still separated.”

It saddens us to hear businesses aren’t benefiting from modern hybrid technology—because the tools are there! We have solutions that unite in-person and remote staff with clear, comprehensive audio and video. Many businesses simply don’t know what they’re missing or where to look. 

So let us introduce you to Teams Rooms, the conference room solution for Microsoft Teams systems. Here’s why modern businesses need Teams Rooms to succeed in the hybrid world of video conferencing.  

If you’re looking for conference room AV and Teams Rooms in McKinney, TX, contact Texadia Systems to get started! 

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3 Benefits of Zoom Rooms for Your Fort Worth Business

Three people sitting in a small Zoom Room with a Zoom video call on a flat screen display.

Merge Zoom Video Conferencing with the In-Person Experience 

Does your company conduct video calls in the conference room? And if so, do your teams find themselves straining to hear clearly—asking “What was that?” to remote participants? And do remote employees have to make do with a wide shot of your conference table, unable to see or hear each person clearly? 

It may be time for a different approach. Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, is helping businesses overcome the hybrid hurdle with its Zoom Room solutions. Zoom Rooms integrate conferencing devices into the video call, making it easy to start virtual meetings. 

As a commercial technology integrator, we help businesses across the Fort Worth, TX, area by installing sophisticated conferencing and Zoom Rooms systems. Here’s why Zoom Rooms are worth it for the modern-day company.  

Looking for conference room AV solutions in Dallas-Fort Worth? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

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3 Ways Boardroom Technology Makes Meetings More Efficient

Group of people at a conference room table. A person wirelessly shares an image of a map from their tablet to a flat screen display on the wall.

Improve Presentations, Video Calls, and the Conference Room Experience

When gathering in the conference room for a presentation, does it require several minutes to assemble the display and audio? Do you need to find cables to connect a laptop to the main display or spend time emailing files back and forth to get the PowerPoint up? And when the meeting calls for someone else’s screen, are you back to finagling cables and files? 

What about meetings that involve both in-person and remote staff? Do you have an easy way to connect cameras and microphones for better communication? Or do your remote teams struggle to see and hear everyone in the boardroom?

If your McKinney, TX-area business often faces frustrating technical issues, you’re not alone. Many companies are struggling in the new hybrid landscape and finding their old boardroom technology no longer hits the mark. 

But there is a way to streamline your conference room experience for simpler, more efficient meetings. With a complete boardroom technology system, you can make your meetings easy to start with intuitive technology. Here’s how. 

Looking for a conference room AV installation in the McKinney and Dallas area? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

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The Latest Conference Room Solutions for Hybrid Meetings

Four people in a conference room engaging in a video call with a woman in another room.

Innovative New Technologies Built for Better Video Conferencing

Hybrid meetings and video conferencing are only getting better as new technologies emerge. If you’re looking for a smoother way to conduct hybrid meetings, discover the latest conference room solutions below.  

Curious to learn more about conference room AV? Contact Texadia Systems in the Plano, TX, area. 

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