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3 Reasons Lutron HomeWorks Is the Best Lighting Control System


An Inside Look at Lutron’s HomeWorks Lighting Control Systems 

As a dedicated Lutron dealer in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, we’re always thrilled to introduce our clients to Lutron HomeWorks, Lutron’s most high-end control system. Lighting is such an integral part of any home, and it can transform the ambiance with just a few taps of your finger. For larger homes or those with many devices and fixtures, walking throughout the house to flip lighting switches on and off is a time-consuming task. Not to mention, traditional light switch plates are dull and boring. 

Luckily, upgrading your Texas home’s lighting introduces an easier and more luxurious living experience with one-touch command to all of your fixtures. If you’re interested in a lighting control system, read on to learn what makes HomeWorks the ultimate solution from Lutron. 

For Lutron lighting control installations in Dallas–Fort Worth, contact Texadia Systems here.

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Beyond Function: Lutron Motorized Shades Look Great, Too


Learn How Lutron’s Automated Window Shades Can Enhance Your Frisco, TX, Home 

Homeowners often wonder if motorized shading and blinds are worth the cost when compared to manual window treatments. To that, we answer with a resounding, “Yes!” Few other home solutions offer such convenience and benefits alongside a wide range of styling features. 

Lutron shades offer both form and function, looking beautiful while bringing a new tier of comfort and convenience. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Lutron shades and why incorporating them into a smart home system like Control4 can improve your lifestyle.

As a Control4 Diamond Dealer, Texadia Systems is the smart automation systems expert in Frisco, TX. We help our clients reduce stress, save money, and experience their home in fun new ways. Contact us here to learn more today!

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Can Motorized Shades Really Save Energy?


Rely Less on HVAC with Automated Window Shades 

With scorching hot summers and occasionally chilly winters, Dallas residents often rely heavily on air conditioning and heating systems to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. However, this constant need for temperature control comes at a cost: high energy bills and waste. 

According to the Energy Information Administration, the average household in Texas spends over $1,801 annually on energy bills, with a significant portion of that attributed to heating and cooling. Wouldn’t it be nice to use that money towards something else—a vacation, perhaps? Not to mention the environmental impact that energy consumption causes. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you stay comfortable while saving money and reducing your energy—motorized shades.

Learn how motorized shades from smart home brands like Lutron can help your Dallas-Fort Worth home save energy automatically. And if you’re ready to bring motorized shading to your home? Contact Texadia Systems here to learn more. 

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How Does Smart Lighting Control Enhance Well-Being?

Man sitting in chair using Savant lighting control interface on his smartphone.

A More Comfortable Way to Illuminate Home 

Imagine waking in the morning, and rather than struggling to wake up in your stuffy, dim bedroom, your window shades automatically raise to let in the bright morning sun. You don’t even have to press a button—they’re scheduled to follow your routine. 

Later in the day, as you work in the home office and the sun starts to lower, all the right lights brighten to a comfortable glow. Your home’s lights shift to a cozy, golden hue in the evening, helping you wind down and prepare for sleep again. 

With a smart lighting control system, you’re never stuck with just one shade of white light. And it’s not just about aesthetics—lighting control also enhances your overall well-being and mood throughout the day. How? Let’s find out. 

Ready for a lighting control installation in Dallas, TX? Contact Texadia Systems to get started.  

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Enhancing Comfort & Efficiency with Smart LED Lighting Controls

A kitchen in three parts, illuminated by warm LED lighting, paler light, and cool-toned light.

Why A Home Lighting Control System Is Worth the Upgrade 

Lightbulbs have largely functioned the same way for nearly one hundred and fifty years—ever since Thomas Edison first invented them. Sure, colored light bulbs emerged, followed by fluorescents and spiral CFLs that use less energy. Still, all lightbulbs worked the same as always—you screwed them in, turned on a light, and that was that.  

That is, until the LED light. With LED lighting, suddenly you can remotely control the appearance and atmosphere of your home like a magic spell. LED lights can be intelligently controlled to adjust their brightness and color and can even be managed in groups or as a whole system. 

Upgrading your home with an LED lighting control system has proven to enhance both comfort and efficiency in many ways. Read on to find out how. 

Interested in smart LED lighting solutions? Contact Texadia Systems for an installation in the Frisco, TX, area. 

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Lutron LED Lighting System?

A hand touching a Lutron lighting keypad on floral wallpaper.

Signs Your Lighting Control System Is Outdated 

Lighting control technology is only ever getting better, with new solutions becoming available every year (like Lutron’s new Smart Tape Light). If your Dallas home is equipped with a years or decades-old Lutron lighting system, is it time for an upgrade? 

An outdated lighting system means missing out on incredible color-tunable and automation possibilities. Whether you have a system by Lutron or another manufacturer, here are signs you’d benefit from a new, upgraded LED lighting system

And if you know you’re ready for an upgrade? Contact Texadia Systems in Dallas to get started! 

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Bright, white living room with wooden beams and motorized shades on the windows.


Motorized window shades should not be one-size-fits-all. Like installing new cabinets or choosing a wall color, you want a shading solution that fits your unique needs. 

If you’re looking for something specific for your window shades, Lutron likely has a solution. Lutrons’ motorized shades aren’t limited to standard roller or Roman shades and can fit any sized window in any location. 

In this blog post, we dive into three unique motorized shades from Lutron. Ready to learn more? Contact Texadia Systems in Dallas, TX. 

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A modern bedroom illuminated by linear and recessed lights in a lighting design.


Why is it that some home interiors look rather average while others inspire desire and excitement? What is it about some homes that look so luxurious? 

Often it's the lighting. Carefully designed lighting can work wonders in any space, transforming it into a luxury home. If you want your Highland, TX, home to exude charm, coziness, or opulence, here are five ways a professional lighting design achieves just that. 

And if you’re ready to speak to a lighting designer? Contact our team at Texadia Systems here.  

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Complete Your Lighting Design With Lutron Switches & Keypads

Lutron light switches with two dark circular buttons labeled “Energize” and “Relax."


Lutron is known for its incredible smart lighting fixtures and lighting control systems that transform the atmosphere of any room. But Lutron manufactures more than just lights and control systems. It also offers a variety of stylish wall keypads and switches that let you activate custom buttons like “Morning” and “Night” or dim the lights to a precise three percent brightness. 

No lighting control system is complete without updating to Lutron light switches. So what are your options? In this blog, we share what’s possible for your Southlake, TX, home and why you’ll want to say goodbye to plain old on/off switches. To learn more, contact Texadia Systems today. 

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The Latest & Greatest of Lutron Motorized Shades

Lutron motorized shades on a window in a white living room.


We’ve been shading our windows much the same way for hundreds of years. Pulling on chords, tugging on fabric—it’s time-consuming if you need to do it multiple times a day. And in large homes with hard-to-reach windows, you may just leave the shades open. 

That is, until motorized shades. Motorized shades aren’t a brand-new concept, but Lutron has refined the technology to perform seamlessly across the house through automated schedules and smart commands. And Lutron is committed to its motorized shading business— it’s recently broken ground on a new 145,000-square-foot shading factory in Virginia. 

If you still use manual shades and blinds in your Westlake, TX home, see what you’ve been missing below. And if you’re curious about installing Lutron shades, contact Texadia Systems here. 

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DIY Lighting Design vs. Hiring a Professional

A man and woman looking at artwork in a room illuminated by professional lighting design.


If you’re interested in a new lighting design for your home, you have two options: taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) route or hiring a professional lighting designer. While DIY may seem appealing due to lower costs, there is a trade-off. 

In this blog, we'll compare the pros and cons of each approach, highlighting the limitations of DIY lighting design and the benefits of working with a professional. Looking for lighting design services in the Southlake, TX, area? Contact Texadia Systems here! 

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How & Why You Should Retrofit Your Current Lighting

A brightly lit open-concept living room with a couch and stairs in the foreground and a dining room and kitchen in the background.

Create an Atmosphere You’d Love to Call Home 

In 2021, a study by Redfin found that most homeowners are living in their houses for an average of 13.2 years—up from 10.1 years in 2012. As more people stay put, they’re looking for ways to invest and improve their homes. If you’re also considering a renovation, is lighting in your plans? 

A great lighting design has the power to transform your home experience. When applied correctly, lighting can create an illusion of space and depth. And with a centralized lighting control system, it’s easier than ever to customize and adjust lighting settings. 

Here’s how upgrading your home’s lighting can benefit your Southlake, TX, home. And to learn more about lighting control and design, contact Texadia Systems here

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Comparing Low-End vs. High-End LED Smart Lighting

A Lutron smart lighting keypad on the wall of a home.

How Good Can Smart Lighting Be?

For anyone that loves new technology or has a passion for interior design, smart lighting control is an exciting new addition to any home. While smart lighting has been eagerly buzzed about in recent years, there’s a wide range of LED lighting products available to choose from. 

At the lower end, you’ll find DIY smart bulbs like the Philips Hue models that can be screwed into lamp fixtures and connected to your phone over Wi-Fi. But smart lighting can get much more sophisticated than this, with high-end Ketra lighting fixtures and Lutron systems that offer whole-home control. 

If you’re interested in lighting control, you have some options. Are you fine with lower-grade LED solutions or ready for luxury systems like Ketra? We compare both below to help you find the best option. 

Looking for whole-home lighting control in the University Park, TX, area? Contact Texadia Systems to get started! 

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Inside Lighting Control: Beam Spread, Color Temperature & More

A modern, geometric house with warm landscape lighting

How You Can Customize Your Smart Lighting System 

Have you used a smart bulb before? They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years and are even available at stores like The Home Depot and online on Amazon. While it’s fun to play with lighting colors from your phone, DIY smart bulbs aren’t a practical solution to illuminate your entire house. They often have trouble saving settings, don’t communicate with each other, and lack customization options. 

But there is an alternative. Sophisticated lighting control systems like Lutron and Control4 are built for whole-home control and are smart enough to group lights together and operate them on a schedule. 

The possibilities are nearly endless with high-end lighting systems that can be used to make your house look and feel more comfortable than ever. 

Here’s how you can control LED lights in your Southlake home with smart systems like Lutron and Control4. And to bring smart lighting to your Texas home, contact Texadia Systems here

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Bring Beauty, Elegance, and Ease to Your Home with Smart Shades

A living area with Lutron’s Palladiom shades half drawn.

3 Reasons Why Lutron Palladiom Is the Designer’s Choice for Custom Shades

As technology advances, our lives quickly transform, and we forget how much easier and more convenient they’ve become. One day, we’ll look back on manual shades in the same light—a necessity that required getting up and tugging at cords to close or raise the window coverings.

If you haven’t considered motorized shades because you’re concerned about how they’ll integrate into your home’s aesthetics and lifestyle, you’ll be happy to hear about Lutron's Palladiom line. These window coverings are the designer’s choice for custom shades. Let’s explore their many features and how they’re transforming homes in Dallas, TX, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

If you’d like to learn more about Palladiom motorized shades or one of the many other smart window coverings in Lutron’s lineup, contact Texadia Systems.

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Lutron & Control4: The Perfect Duo for Smart Lighting Control

Bright kitchen with glass lighting fixtures and a sleek Lutron wall keypad.

Command Your Lights & Shades Alongside Other Home Devices

Imagine lights that know where and when to turn on and motorized window shades that rise on their own. And imagine lights that, in the evening, gradually dim and warm to a golden shade of white. Finally, consider what life would be like if you replaced light switches with keypads customized to daily life, with buttons like “Dinner” and “Away.” 

It’s all a reality when you own a Lutron lighting control system. Lutron intelligently syncs all your lights, shades, and even smart thermostats to a central controller. So whether you’re using the Lutron app or pressing a button on the wall, you can activate and adjust your lights’ appearance anytime. 

Some homeowners choose to install a Lutron system and leave it there. But you can take it further by integrating it into a greater smart home system, like Control4. Learn how Lutron works and enhances your Control4 smart home in University, TX.

Texadia Systems is a Control4 and Lutron dealer, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Contact us here to learn more! 

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3 Ways to Save Energy This Summer with Smart Home Technology

Bright living room and kitchen with a ceiling fan and Lutron shades on a wall of windows.

Want to Minimize Your Energy Usage While Staying Cool? 

Texas summers mean heat—and a lot of it. With temperatures often reaching triple digits, it’s nearly impossible to get through the season without the air conditioning switching on multiple times an hour - even at night! But as everyone knows, cooling costs can accumulate on your monthly electric bills while harming the environment.

What can one do? Sweltering at home to be eco-friendly isn’t a practical option. But when you own a smart home system with technology like Lutron shades, smart thermostats, and automated lighting, you’ll instantly save energy while keeping cool. 

If you’d like to optimize your Highland Park, TX home’s energy usage year-round, learn how smart home technology can help below. And to implement these solutions, contact Texadia Systems here

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Using Lutron Lighting Solutions in a Savant Smart Home

Lutron Palladiom keypad in a white, modern house with a wood beam ceiling.

Bring the Best of Lighting Control to Your Texas Smart Home

Whether you own a Savant system, are planning to install one, or are in the early stages of smart home research, lighting and shading are key components to smart home automation

And while Savant manufactures excellent lighting fixtures and motorized shades, Savant’s compatibility with Lutron lighting solutions unlocks a world of new possibilities. As a home automation company, Texadia Systems looks to Lutron for the widest breadth of lighting and shading options with stylish keypads, numerous shading options, and completely customizable LED lights. 

The benefits go both ways when you use Lutron with Savant. Savant expands your smart home experience into security, HVAC, audio, and video, while Lutron takes lighting to the next level. 

Curious to learn how Savant and Lutron can work together in your Southlake, TX, home? Continue reading below! And to get started with these brilliant solutions, contact Texadia Systems here

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Experience Lighting Control with a Dedicated Smart System

Hand holding a smartphone with Control4 lighting control interface.

Why DIY Smart Lighting Doesn’t Measure Up to Professional Control Systems  

Once you’ve experienced smart lighting at home, it’s hard to go back to the standard on/off light switch. With smart lighting, you can bathe rooms in any color and brightness imaginable, from the coziest candlelight hue to fun nightlife colors. 

Many homeowners are tempted to DIY smart lighting with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-connected smart bulbs from Amazon or Best Buy. But they may be unaware that for seamless control and automation—even from miles away—you need a sophisticated smart system like Lutron or Control4

What’s the difference between a dedicated lighting system and DIY smart lights? We’ll compare both below, so you know what to expect for your lighting control

Texadia Systems is a home technology and lighting control installer based in University Park, TX, and surrounding areas. Contact us here to learn more today!

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The Importance of Great Meeting Room Lighting—And How to Get It

Meeting room with motorized shades, linear lighting, and a projector above.

Bring Energy & Vibrance to Your Office with a New Lighting Design 

Employers across the country are scrambling to make RTO (“return to the office”) a smooth transition for workers. Some are bringing new snacks into the office kitchen, while others offer a hybrid workweek.

But in our opinion, if you want people to love coming into the office, you need to create a comfortable and inspiring work environment. Alongside the furniture and wall colors you choose, meeting room lighting can make or break the experience of working for your company. 

With smart lighting control and a carefully planned lighting design, you’ll create an atmosphere that shakes the mundane and makes work an inspiring place for ideas and collaboration. Consider these factors for your Frisco, TX office’s lighting. 

To learn more about lighting design and automation, contact Texadia Systems here. 

SEE ALSO: Create the Perfect Conference Room Atmosphere with Smart Technology 

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