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How to Get the Best Lighting in Your New Home Build

A backyard with a pool illuminated at night by a landscape lighting design.

Partner with a Lighting Designer Early in the Process 

It takes a team to build or renovate a home—the developer, architect, builder, construction manager, trade contractors, and more. And if you want your house to shine with eye-catching, luxurious lighting, it’s wise to include a lighting designer in your project. 

However, homeowners shouldn’t wait until their house is already built to consider lighting design. Loop in a lighting designer as early as possible so they can plan for lighting solutions with the architect, builder, and more. 

Texadia Systems is an integrator that offers lighting design solutions to homeowners in the Highland Park, TX, area. We partner with Light Can Help You lighting designers to provide professional design and integration services. 

Here’s what you can expect from lighting design and why it’s crucial to act fast. Ready to get started? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

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Why We Should All Be Living with Tunable Circadian Lighting

Why We Should All Be Living with Tunable Circadian Lighting

Get an LED Lighting Design That Follows the Sun

The lightbulb’s invention changed everything. Suddenly, people could learn and work later in the day, spurring an industrial revolution. The light bulb reduced the number of house fires caused by candles, and people enjoyed more leisure time than ever. 

While we love the lightbulb, it does have its drawbacks. Humans weren’t technically meant to stay up all night, and if you’re using bright, cool-toned lights late in the day, you could be accidentally disrupting your circadian rhythm. 

But we’re in the midst of a new lighting revolution—the age of LED lighting design. With smart LED lighting systems, we can automate lights to complement and balance our internal clocks to live more healthily. 

Read on to see how tunable circadian lighting works and will benefit your University Park, TX home. Interested in a LED lighting design? Contact Texadia Systems to get started. 

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How to Replicate Daylight with Smart Lighting Control

An exterior view into a house’s large windows. We see a woman doing yoga under warm lighting.

Discover the Mood-Boosting Benefits of Natural Light at Home

When you purchase a lightbulb at the store, what you see is what you get. Some lights shine ultra-bright, while others produce a warm, golden hue. Other bulbs appear icy blue-white. While bright lighting may be helpful for your morning routine, at night, it’s harsh and uncomfortable on the eyes.

This isn’t the case with smart lighting control. Lighting control brands like Lutron let you intelligently customize and automate your LED bulbs’ color temperature and brightness. Throughout the day, lights can gradually shift to mimic the appearance of sunlight outside, following the changing sky.

Also, if you set your home’s lights to the wrong color temperature or brightness level, you could accidentally tamper with your mood, sleep, and home atmosphere. Below are a few ways lighting control can improve the living experience at your home in Southlake, TX.

To learn more about lighting control and smart technology for your home, contact Texadia Systems here.

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What Is the Circadian Rhythm & How Can Lighting Control Help?


Sleep Better & Live Well with Help from Tunable Lighting  

Do you wake up feeling groggy each morning, hitting the snooze button until you’re running late? Do you rely on several cups of coffee to get through the day? And by nightfall, do you lie in bed with racing thoughts, unable to sleep?

If that sounds like your daily experience, your circadian rhythm may be out of sync. The circadian rhythm is the internal clock that tells our bodies when to feel alert, sleepy, and even hungry. Our circadian rhythms are self-regulated but are largely influenced by the sun.

So, what happens to our inner clock if we spend most of our time indoors? Artificial lighting can throw our sleep patterns off course, wreaking havoc on our health. Luckily, smart lighting control systems are transforming how we light our homes, leading to healthier lifestyles.

In this article, we’ll share how circadian lighting works, why it’s important, and how it will enhance your University Park, TX home. And if you’re interested in lighting control, contact Texadia Systems to get started on a new home system.

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What Can a Lighting Designer Do for My Home?


Discover the Advantages of a Professional Lighting Design 

Beautiful architecture and eye-catching interior décor are important. But that’s only one-half of the equation when designing a home. The other half? Lighting. 

Lighting is often an overlooked component of design, but it can make or break a space. Imagine a cozy, dimly-lit wine bar with interior brick and candlelight—the perfect spot for a date night. Now consider that same spot with ultra-bright fluorescent lights—or recessed lighting that shines on your face like a spotlight. It doesn’t feel as intimate anymore, does it? 

Similarly, your home’s lighting can profoundly impact the atmosphere you create. But most people don’t put too much thought into their lighting. They plug in a few lamps, screw in any-old light bulbs, and hang up whatever drapes they’ve owned for years. 

Whether you’re renovating your Frisco, TX home or are building a new property, this is the time to revamp your lighting with innovative LED lighting. But should you attempt to DIY your lighting design—or hire a lighting designer? 

Many people may be unaware of what a lighting designer does and how partnering with one can create jaw-dropping results. Below, we share the benefits a certified lighting designer can offer your home. And to learn more about home technology improvements, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here

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How Lutron Lighting Control Adds to Daily Life


Tunable Lighting & Motorized Shades for a Comfortable and Convenient Home

You already have lights and shades in your Dallas, TX, home. So why would you need to upgrade to smart lighting control? Well, tunable LED lighting and motorized shades offer countless benefits, from saving time to sleeping better and reducing energy consumption. And it can all be done from one intuitive interface, from one smart system.

Texadia Systems has recently partnered with Lutron, a pioneer in lighting control technology. Since 1950, Lutron has changed the way homeowners illuminate their homes and were the first to invent the rotary home lighting dimmer. We’ll share how Lutron’s smart lighting solutions work and what a difference they can make in your Texas household, so keep reading to see why we think you’ll love this solution.

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Increase Staff Productivity with Smart Lighting Control


How Meeting Room Lighting Can Boost Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day at work was so productive, everyone could take off early and enjoy the afternoon without worry? Instead, most work days are filled with long meetings and staring at screens while sipping another cup of coffee, hoping for energy to complete the day’s tasks.

Sound familiar? In recent years, offices across the nation have been experimenting with standing desks and room arrangements to find the most efficient results. But one often overlooked aspect of business success is the lighting. With the correct meeting room lighting in your Plano, Texas company, your team’s efficiency, mood, and energy levels will increase. To discover what your office may be lacking in lighting, continue reading below!

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