The Magic Formula for Better Home Wi-Fi


Get the Most of Your Wireless Connection with a Home Network Upgrade 

It’s the 2020s—so why do so many people still live with unreliable and hard-to-reach Wi-Fi? 

If you frequently find that webpages won’t load, video calls freeze, and you use any type of streaming service—it may be time for a network upgrade. There are real solutions that can help your Wi-Fi beyond restarting the router and hoping for the best. 

Below, we’ll share our tried-and-true tactics to bring strong and speedy Wi-Fi to homeowners across the Prosper, TX area. And if you find you could use a home network installation? You can contact us here to get started! 

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Can Your Internet Connection Handle Remote Learning?


With Back-to-School Season Around the Corner, It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Wireless Home Network

This isn’t like most back-to-school seasons. Many children will be attending school remotely, and if you have kids at home, they’ll need a reliable internet connection to meet with their teachers, collaborate on projects, and submit assignments.

We know this is a stressful time for most families, and the last thing you need is an unstable Wi-Fi connection that delays your children’s school day and your work. If your internet is fussy, there are steps a professional can take to improve it. For an upgraded wireless home network in Dallas, TX, see what we can do to help.

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Frustrated with Your Wi-Fi? Here’s What You Can Do


Goodbye to Technical Difficulties with the Best Wi-Fi System Possible

When you’re working remotely, helping your children with school, or enjoying media at home, it all depends on a well-running Wi-Fi network. There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to video call or stream a movie than lost connections, buffering, and weak signals.

You may have assumed there is nothing to be done about this, and that Wi-Fi is just a fickle technology. But with help, the best Wi-Fi system is a real possibility.

How can you improve your home’s wireless network? Read on for tips to enhance speed and reliability in your Frisco, TX, home.

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Worried About Hackers & Smart Home Devices? Here’s What You Can Do


Our Tips to Secure Your Home Automation System

The FBI recently released a statement warning shoppers about smart TVs’ vulnerability to hackers. It cautioned that a hacker could potentially access your unsecured TV, which grants them an easy entrance to your computer through the router. At the low end of risks, a hacker could change the channels of your TV remotely or turn on smart speakers. But in a worst-case scenario, they could turn on your bedroom TV’s camera and microphone and secretly stalk you—or find your financial information through your computer.

But there’s no need to throw away your smart devices in fear of hackers. There are plenty of ways to secure your home automation system to keep your Dallas, TX household safe from cybercrime. Continue reading to see what technology professionals can do to give you peace of mind.

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Enhance Your Smart System with a New Home Network Installation


Ways to Improve Your Internet Connection

Whether your home is fully equipped with surveillance cameras and whole-home audio or if you’re simply trying to email from your laptop across the house, you need a reliable and reliable network. Too many of us deal with unstable connections, forcing us to restart our routers every few weeks. Slow connection speeds make downloading and streaming lag, and in certain rooms of our house, we may not be able to get a signal at all. Sound familiar? 

Setting up the ideal home network is not easy, but there are several ways you can make it less aggravating. But with the following tips, your home network installation should have your Highland Park, TX home connected in no time. 

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Why 2019 Is the Year You Should Invest in a Home Networking Installation


Your Home Network Keep Up with Your Life?

Here’s an eye-opener for you: The number of IoT devices, or the interconnected devices we use on a daily basis, is estimated to increase by a whopping 130 percent in just five years, to about 62 billion devices.

The number of IoT devices in your home may be a drop in the bucket by comparison, but homeowners everywhere are constantly seeing an increase in connected technology as it becomes more accessible.

As you have probably seen, your Dallas, TX smart home is filling up with solutions that demand more data, from 4K TVs and smart doorbells to whole-home automation systems. The time for a secure home networking installation is now.

Does your home network stand the test of an increasingly connected world? Keep reading to learn why you may need an upgrade.

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