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Why Your Business Should Outsource Its AV

People in a conference room with exposed brick, a video display on the wall, and laptops on the table.

There’s an Easier Way to Manage, Update & Replace AV 

Is your Dallas-Fort Worth business still investing in expensive audiovisual equipment and replacing it every few years? That means someone on your staff needs to find a way to sell old equipment and order and install new AV. And if anything goes wrong with your technology, it’s your business’s responsibility alone to repair or replace it. 

That isn’t the case with AV as a Service (AVaaS), the new, modern approach to commercial AV. Rather than purchase your AV hardware upfront, AVaaS is a subscription-based model that provides access to the latest technology without the need for large upfront investments. Instead of purchasing equipment outright, businesses can simply pay a monthly fee for access to AV equipment and services. 

Curious to learn more about AVaaS? Contact Texadia Systems in Dallas, TX, or read on below.

Future-Proof Your Business with AV as a Service

People at a conference table with laptops and a touchscreen conferencing controller.

Bring Flexibility & Scalability to Your Texas Company 

Technology is always evolving. And although the latest AV solutions seem like the epitome of progress, there’s no knowing how technology will advance in the future. The conferencing systems, video displays, computers, and controllers you install today will likely fall behind in a matter of years. 

Even if your business has the latest and greatest tech, you need to continually purchase new devices as you scale and expand. New staff need computers and conference rooms, and it’s time-consuming to order new parts and install everything yourself. 

Thankfully, one way to future-proof your business and ensure it adapts to changing needs is by subscribing to AV as a Service (AVaaS). AVaaS is a subscription-based plan that allows enterprises to access audiovisual technology without the need for upfront investment or the hassle of maintenance. 

Let’s explore the advantages of AVaaS and how it can provide the flexibility and scalability needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

Curious to learn more about AVaaS for your Frisco, TX, business? Contact Texadia Systems here. 

Why It's Worth It for Companies to Switch to AVaaS

People in a conference room with a video display on the wall and multiple laptops.


In our rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional methods of communication have given way to more innovative, adaptable, and efficient solutions. One such groundbreaking approach is Audiovisuals as a Service (AVaaS). For businesses in the tech-savvy Dallas, TX, area, the transition from owning AV hardware to adopting AV as a Service can be a game changer.

But what exactly is AV as a Service? AVaaS is an all-inclusive solution where businesses subscribe to audiovisual (AV) services rather than purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading expensive hardware themselves. AVaaS providers like us deliver comprehensive AV solutions, from video conferencing to digital signage, all managed remotely via the cloud.

Why is it worth switching to AVaas? Find out below. And to learn more about our AV as a Service plans, contact us here

Why AV as a Service Is Not the Same as Leasing

Four people at a business table sitting in front of a video conferencing screen with multiple participants.

Find the Best Solution for Your Business’s Technology

If your business needs new AV technology, you have a few options for obtaining it. You could purchase the devices up front. You could lease the equipment. Or, you could subscribe to an AV as a service plan. 

While some people may think technology-as-a-service and leasing are synonymous, they’re actually very different processes with different outcomes. Here’s what makes them different and why AV as a service may be more worthwhile for your Dallas, TX company.

Is your organization interested in AV as a service? Contact Texadia Systems to learn more! 

Why Dallas Businesses Are Switching to AV as a Service

Woman’s hand tapping a touchscreen mounted on a conference room table.

The Simpler Approach to Business Software & Hardware

Have you heard of AV as a Service? Also referred to as AVaaS, it’s a subscription plan that provides technology to your business for a monthly fee. So, whether you need conferencing displays, smart systems, digital signage, or touchscreens, it’s all part of the plan and can be swapped and traded out at any time. AVaaS also includes the installation, management, and technical support services with ongoing training for your team.

Traditionally, businesses would purchase all their hardware upfront. But as a new alternative, AVaaS covers all your needs within a monthly subscription. If you ever decide you don’t need equipment anymore, we’ll take it away and replace it with new hardware.

Some business owners ask us: why wouldn’t I want to own my technology? There are many reasons businesses in Dallas, TX, are switching to AVaaS and forgoing hardware ownership. You may find your company could benefit, too!

Want to learn more? Contact Texadia Systems for a no-obligation consultation about AVaaS. And continue reading to see why it’s worth making the switch to AVaaS!

The Top 3 Reasons Businesses Are Switching to AVaaS


Should Your Texas Company Switch Too? Learn How AVas a Service Works 

What is AV as a Service? Also known as AVaaS, it’s a subscription plan that provides your business all the technology your staff needs, from conferencing hardware to digital signage. AVaaS plans include installations, maintenance, and technical support with ongoing training. Plus, if you ever want to swap equipment for new technology, we’ll trade it in so you’re never outdated. 

The traditional approach to commercial technology is to purchase everything upfront. But with AVaaS, you pay a monthly fee for a package that covers your needs. If you ever find you don’t need the equipment anymore, we’ll come and take it away. 

You might be wondering, why wouldn’t I want to own all of my business’ technology? We’ll share below why companies worldwide are switching to the AVaaS model. You may just find your Plano, TX enterprise could benefit, too.

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AVaaS – the New Way to Pay for Business Technology Needs


Update & Maintain Your Technology Hassle-Free with a Monthly Plan 

Is outdated technology holding your business back? If your organization needs new technology and you can’t ignore the pains of obsolete systems, it’s time for an upgrade. 

We understand why many companies procrastinate updating their conferencing systems or digital signage—it’s a large upfront investment and daunting to find the right solution. But what if there was a new, more flexible way to upgrade and install new technology—one that let you change your mind later on?

AV as a service provides all the commercial technology you need in a low monthly payment. The subscription is much less of a commitment with the advantages of upgrades and maintenance whenever you need it. 

As an AV consultant based in McKinney, TX, we’ll share the differences between the conventional technology approach and the new format of AVaaS. If you’d like to learn more about commercial smart systems and AV, don’t miss our free monthly newsletter with new articles about the industry. 

Returning to the Office? Here’s How to Make the Transition Easier


Simplify Your Return to the Office with Touchless Technology & AV as a Service 

While the world and technology evolve at rapid speeds, we want to help businesses stay flexible. And as the past year’s events proved, it pays to be adaptable. Companies that we're able to shift their processes quickly at the start of the pandemic were the ones who landed on their feet. 

And what could be more flexible than an AV as a Service plan? Rather than invest in new conferencing hardware, software, screens, speakers, and installations, you’ll be subscribed to a monthly service that includes upgrades at any time. Plus, your staff will feel more comfortable and safer with contactless AV. 

Read on to discover how AVaaS and contact-free technology can help your Frisco, TXcompany thrive during uncertain times. And for more on commercial AV, you can learn more in our blog series here.

How Can AV as a Service Help My Business?


An Alternative Approach to Your Office’s AV 

In the past few years, subscription services have taken the consumer industry by storm. Now, we’re seeing a similar model applied to commercial AV integration—AV as a Service

AVaaS lets businesses lease technology equipment for a monthly fee that includes maintenance, support, and upgrades. AVaaS can range from video conferencing systems, display equipment, lighting, automation, and more. 

Would your Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, business be better suited to AVaaSrather than investing in new technology every few years? Discover how it works below and learn more in our monthly newsletter

An Alternative Option for Businesses: AV as a Service (AVaaS)


the Latest Technology and Ongoing Maintenance With AV Service Plans

Modern businesses rely on the latest and most efficient technology to help its people thrive. If you manage a business in Dallas, TX, you’re probably looking for the best conferencing hardware, display equipment, cloud services, control systems, lighting, and interactive whiteboards so that everyone has what they need.

Typically, you would have the option to purchase all the equipment, furniture, and installation all at once. You can also use a lease to finance your business setup until you own the technology. But what happens when it’s all outdated in a few years? Or if there’s a problem with your systems? You’ll have to invest even more to upgrade and maintain.

There’s another option to stay ahead of the curve: AV as a service (AVaaS). What does this mean for your Dallas, TX, company? We’ll share all you can expect below.


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