Discover Your Options for Whole Home Audio  

Just like food, the way we enjoy music is a personal experience. Do you prefer intimate gigs or stadium concerts? Would you rather listen to tunes while busy with other activities, like cleaning or jogging? Or do you like to sit and focus on an album with undivided attention? And when friends and family are over, is music a centerpiece of the experience, or just ambient background noise?  

No matter your musical habits, the most satisfying way to enjoy music is with a whole home audio system installed in your Dallas, Texas–area residence. With every room’s speakers connected to one network and controlled from one device, you’ll be able to turn on and off the entire house at once.  

But not all audio systems are the same. If you’re planning on building a new AV system, there are many nuances to be aware of. To create the perfect AV system you will enjoy for years on end, continue reading below!   

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Hidden or Visible Speakers  

Manufacturers like Paradigm, Sonos, Leon, McIntosh, Origin Acoustics, and Sony offer an abundance of audio choices ranging in size and price. If you’d like to incorporate a dedicated listening room in your house or a private home theater, floor-standing speakers at ear-level will deliver crisp and textured sound. For deep bass notes and powerful action scenes in movies, be sure to incorporate a subwoofer too. 

But if you’d prefer home audio without bulky technology in sight, custom installed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver sound like it’s in the air. Paradigm’s CI Series, for instance, uses pure aluminum cone technology to provide powerful audio from inside the walls. Of course, with a complete multi-room audio system, you can always opt for a mix of hidden and visible speakers 

Wired or Wireless  

As wireless speakers’ popularity grows, the debate between wired vs. wireless systems intensifies. For a long time, wireless speakers could not compare in audio quality, but significant improvements in small amplifiers, networking performance, and digital processing have made wireless an option especially for whole home installations.  

An advantage of wireless speakers is mainly in the absence of cables connecting to an amplifier. All you need to do is plug the speaker into an outlet, and place speakers anywhere you’d like. While this is convenient, wireless speakers are an all-in-one solution and offer less control than a wired system does. Wired sound systems enable choice in the amplifier, digital-to-analog converter, and other components that may matter to audio enthusiasts. Separate components also make it easier to upgrade in the future. You can mix and match different sources like a turntable with ease, which isn’t always possible in many wireless audio setups.  

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi  

If you’ll be streaming music to your speaker system, you may be wondering which is best—Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Nowadays, there is little difference between the two when it comes to performance with the latest Bluetooth technologies. But Bluetooth is mostly for convenience and compatibility with a wide variety of devices, and is still limited by distance. Wi-Fi network-based streaming options like Sonos can be built into a whole home setup, unlike Bluetooth.  

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