Texadia Systems is Your Dallas Expert Lighting Specialist & Lutron Dealer

As a dedicated Lutron dealer, we are always thrilled to introduce our clients to Lutron HomeWorks. Lighting is such an integral part of any home, and it can transform the ambiance with just a few taps of your finger. For larger homes or those with several fixtures, walking throughout the house to flip lighting switches on and off is a time-consuming task. Not to mention, traditional light switch plates are dull and boring.

Luckily, upgrading your Dallas-area home’s lighting introduces an easier and more luxurious living experience that brings one-touch command to all of your fixtures. If you’re ready to light up your home in new ways, call us at 214.956.5820 to schedule an appointment, and keep reading below for three reasons why this smart solution is perfect for your Texas home.

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1. Control It All

One of the most beneficial aspects of Lutron HomeWorks is its extreme versatility, and it is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse solution that makes your home brighter and life more manageable. When used in tandem with your Control4 automation system, it’s a whole-home solution that incorporates lighting, shading, and climate control functionality – plus, it’s all controllable with a smart device or voice command.

We are proud to be a Lutron dealer because the brand strives to innovate its solutions continually, and we love bringing new technologies to our Texas clients. HomeWorks keeps current with regular system upgrades, so your home’s smart technology is always up-to-date and compatible with the latest devices.

2. Stunning Finishes

Intuitive and sophisticated controls will complement your interior décor. You’re sure to find a style of keypad that makes you happy, too. The Palladiom line comes in various finishes and materials, and the new Alisse wall control even incorporates an exquisite metal finish that is sure to be a conversation starter. From antiqued brass to clear anodized metals to matte colors, there’s a wide array of options from which to choose.

3. Elegant Solutions

A seamless whole-home experience is possible. Automatic shades will quietly raise and lower while lighting brightens and dims through a programmed schedule or with the touch of a button. You can also partner these solutions with the other smart devices in your Control4 smart home for a fully integrated smart system.

Press an “Away” scene on your smart device to lower motorized shades, turn off lighting, and lower the thermostat temperature to reduce energy usage. A “Relax” scene lowers the shades, dims the lighting, and begins streaming your favorite Spotify station on your whole-home music system. It’s possible when you integrate Lutron and Control4 into your Dallas-area home!

If you’re ready to shine light on the possibilities of smart lighting control with Lutron, call Texadia Systems today or connect with us using our online consultation form. We look forward to hearing from you!