Plan for Greatness with Your Smart Home Installation  

Today’s smart home systems have the power to sync all your technology, including lighting, audio, security, and beyond. With one press of a button, you can turn off your entire house as you leave for the day. Then schedule lights and the thermostat to adjust to the perfect setting for your return home, all from your phone or tablet.  

But a lot goes into a home automation system. We’re not talking about plug-and-play devices with separate apps, like a video doorbell or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. Owning a collection of smart gadgets doesn’t make a home “smart.” For true home automation, you need a central controller that unifies all your electronics into one intuitive system that you don’t need to command every time.   

At Texadia Systems, we’re excited to help you build your new luxury smart home. Before you get started on your Southlake, TX system, read on to see which factors you need to consider first. And to learn more, subscribe to our free monthly newsletter on smart home technology.  

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1. Determine Which Smart System to Use  

There are several quality smart home systems to choose from, but as a professional automation installer, we consider Control4 the superior option. Control4 is compatible with tens of thousands of third-party devices, so if you already own speakers, a projector, surveillance equipment, etc., you can incorporate them into your Control4 smart home.  

If you only want to focus on smart lighting, we recommend a Lutron system. But Lutron can also be connected to your Control4 interface, making it simple to command lights in tandem with fans, shades, and HVAC systems.   

2. Find a Professional Installer  

A sophisticated, intelligent system like Control4 requires a professional installation to streamline all your devices with expert programming for customizable scenes. To do this, you’ll need to find a local Control4 dealer. 

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Texadia Systems is the highest-ranked local Control4 installer. If you’re reading this article from elsewhere in the world, find a nearby dealer here 

3. Decide Which Technology You’d Like to Include  

How do you want to use your smart home? Outdoors, would you like to turn on landscape lights, the hot tub jets, set the pool temperature, and lock the gate? Inside, do you want to automate lights, enjoy music over whole-home speakers, or lower your TV from the ceiling? There are countless possibilities in a Control4 home, so before your installation, decide what areas you’d like to automate.   

4. Plan for Wiring and Installation  

We run low-voltage wiring to ensure all technology is always connected to your smart home system. During a new home build or renovation, that’s an excellent time to plan for wiring within the walls. But in an existing home, we’ll run ethernet and coax cables to applicable devices. Some speakers, locks, and motion sensors can use a wireless connection.  

5. Choose Your Control Methods  

What’s your preferred control method? Would you prefer to command your home via a smartphone app, tablet, or perhaps through voice command? Custom wall keypads can include unique buttons like “Morning” and “Night” that instantly cue your lights, music, shades, and more.  

If you’re interested in home automation in the Southlake, Texas area, let Texadia Systems be your guide. We’re Dallas/Fort Worth’s highest-ranked Control4 dealer for four years in a row with a certified Control4 showroom.  

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