digital signage solutions

The current talk on LED display costs are still at the “it’s a little pricey” stage.

But is it too expensive? The answer is no.

Are you really weighing the pros and cons of this spectacular product? Have you been given all the information to make an informed decision?

There are some hard questions that need to be asked before you decide on digital display signage and technology.

What about my budget?

First, let’s talk cost and budget of an LED display.

You’re right, it has to fall under a budget. But what’s your budget for 6 to 10 years? Does your road map and budget conversations talk about replacement after the warranty? Scalability? Changing the content frequently, but hardware rarely?

Quite a few people get sticker shocked when they see an LED price tag. Let’s try to put those fears to rest so that you enjoy the creative artwork and messaging you can display with innovative LED technology.

Why LED?

LED is creative.

Think of LED as a canvas – “digital wallpaper.” It’s time to paint. In fact, from some companies you can paint in any shape or size, flat or curved as well as custom configurations beyond your imagination.

Here’s a gallery of ideas from NanoLumens, a great partner of Texadia Systems.

Is LED durable?

Technology has come a long way over the years. Remember the days when we were afraid of our kids putting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the mouth of the VCR player?

Products change so quickly that it’s hard for anyone to keep up. What is worth keeping up with, however, is the products that are becoming more durable. What’s going to stand up the test of time? What’s the A/V equivalent of the old station wagon?

LED has the indoor/outdoor resilience you want in your digital signage.

Are LED displays easy to install and service?

This is one of our favorite areas to touch on. Not only is installing LED displays easy and flexible for your environment, you also don’t have to worry about service after the install.

Have you ever had an LCD or plasma display serviced? Trust us, it’s not a pleasant experience…

LED, on the other hand, is very easy to service. You can have spares in most cases. Look for products that give you a few spares or have a “spare in the air” program you can easily and quickly get replaced. Many LED’s even pop-out for easy maintenance. It just takes a small tool or magnets to release.

Don’t feel like you are trapped by long service turn times or waiting on parts to get your digital signage working again. At Texadia Systems, we can help you decide which products best fit your needs.

How long do LED displays last?

There’s a reason why some LED manufacturers can warranty their products for multiple years and in some cases 6 years. They last.

Not many parts need replacing and there’s virtually no required maintenance. You don’t have to worry about overheating issues or run times. You could spend money buying two of your current solutions and the labor to replace and upgrade them twice in 5 to 6 years, or just put in LED once and live with a no- hassle solution.

Are LED displays affordable?

Technology is talked about in every company – whether it’s about IT infrastructure, AV technology or collaboration products like video and audio conferencing. Technology renewal is a great conversation to have when discussing your internal budgets.

In most cases there are other products integrated into the LED solution as well. Put the entire solution under one program knowing you have the comfort and ability to upgrade later down the road.

One great technology renewal option is through our partner NanoLumens. Called “ADVANTAGE,” this next-generation technology renewal program makes it possible for a business to finance an entire digital display strategy on a monthly basis rather than one giant payment, enabling you to easily add upgrades and additional assets to an existing contract. It’s designed to help businesses gain a competitive advantage with the latest technology while protecting against obsolescence.

LED solutions are very affordable, even if on the surface they appear the opposite. Let Texadia Systems help put together a technology roadmap for your business, building longevity, durability and ease of service into your digital solutions. Contact us to request a service call.