Find the Fabric & Control Options That Are Perfect for Your Lifestyle  

Since the 1950s, Lutron has been a leader in home lighting solutions, today specializing in stylish motorized shades. Lutron provides many smart shading options, with everything from roller shades to wood blinds, and daylight sensors to custom keypads. With so many choices, you may be left unsure which technology and fabrics are best for your Texas home.  

Whether your focus is on style, saving energy, convenience, or all of the above, we’ll help you find the perfect combination of window treatments and smart control. As a Lutron shades dealer based in the McKinney, TX area, we’ll shed light on our shading expertise below. And to learn more about smart home technology, discover our blog articles here.   

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For Saving Energy  

If you’d like to reduce energy usage and lower monthly electricity bills, Lutron shades are an unlikely hero for eco-friendly homes. The Sivoia QS system lets you program shades to rise and lower on a schedule. How does that save energy?  

Imagine: “Summer cool” will lower your honeycomb insulation shades to block solar heat gain, reducing your AC costs. “Winter warm” in cooler months will lift the shades to let sunlight warm your rooms in the afternoon. Combined with Lutron heat sensors, your shades will know when to activate to save energy. Plus, you can feel good about Lutron’s recycled fabric options.    

For Ambiance & Atmosphere 

Ready for a movie in the home theater or media room? Tap your Lutron wall keypad, smartphone app, or tell your voice assistant to lower the shades. Instantly, your Lutron blackout shades will descend to block any ambient light.  

Lutron offers fabric and style options for every kind of window and interior. Its vertical drapery can open and close on ceiling-high windows, while the Palladiom shades roll fabric without any cover, pocket, or fascia. Whether you’d like wooden blinds, sheer shades, or patterned fabric, there’s a smart shading option for your design tastes.  

For Ultimate Convenience  

Lutron makes it easier than ever to control the shades in your house. Windows you may have previously considered impossible to reach, like skylights, can now be conveniently covered with Lutron’s tensioned smart shades.  

Plus, the seeTouch QS keypads let you tap buttons like “Away” to lower every shade at once or “Morning” to raise them in selected rooms. Schedule your blinds to adjust at specific times via the Lutron app, so you have privacy or sunlight exactly when you need it.  

For Safety & Security  

Do you worry about your home when away? Want to make sure you have privacy after dark? Sivoia QS Wireless shades make it easy to select “Away” on the app or keypad to close all shades instantly as you walk out the door. If you’ll be away from home for multiple nights, toggle shades up and down remotely—or schedule them—to make it look like someone’s inside.  

Interested in Lutron Shades?  

Lutron shades take the pain and hassle out of window blinds while adding style and sophistication to any home. If you’re considering a motorized shading installation in the McKinney, TX area, contact Texadia Systems, your local Lutron expert.