Build a System with the Boardroom Technology You Need

No matter what kind of business you’re running in Plano, TX, one thing’s for sure: you need the right technology to help you succeed. Whether you want to stream video to facilitate information, play music to enhance productivity, or add privacy to your spaces for security, you can do it all with a simple, intuitive boardroom technology system. Find out what you need to get the most out of your workday by reading below. 

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Maybe the essential part of any business technology system is the network. It’s the backbone of your system — it allows devices to connect to each other and to outside networks, like the internet. If you want to integrate control of your system, stream HD or 4K video content, play music or make announcements throughout your workspace, and rely on security technology to keep you safe, you’ll need a strong network. 

In many businesses, networks consist of routers, switches, and fiberoptic cabling that connects each device. Some wireless network options are available, but they’re typically not as reliable or secure as hardwired solutions. We can determine if it’s possible to wire your system and craft a network that offers the bandwidth and device prioritization you need. 

Audio Video 

Among the most common types of integrated technology found in businesses are audio video systems. AV systems allow you to share information, streamline communication, facilitate meetings, and more.  

In an integrated AV system, only the most essential components will exist in your boardroom. This helps save space and makes maintenance easy. Video displays, like projectors and 4K monitors, as well as audio speakers, will be in the boardroom. Control systems, receivers, servers, and more, can be racked neatly in an AV closet. 

You can choose what plays via an integrated control system. An easy-to-use interface lets you pick content and select from various media servers to share the information you want and need quickly and easily. In addition to AV controls, you can also integrate controls of other devices for one-touch command of your entire system. 

Lighting and More 

An integrated system can control your lights, shades, and motorized lifts as well. With a single, table-mounted device, you can transform your boardroom.  

Controls can integrate onto a center console that makes telecommunications and system command easy and accessible for everyone. Connect to chat services like Skype or Slack, schedule meeting times, connect mobile devices, and utilize native conference calling features with to simplify your meetings. 

A boardroom technology system can be customized to fit your business needs. Get the most out of yours by consulting an experienced integrator today. 

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