Leave a Lasting Impression with Smart Lighting Control

How often do clients visit your Frisco, TX office for meetings, training courses, and other events? Maybe you see only one or two per year, or perhaps you have clients visiting every week. Whether it’s one or 100, those customers are entering and leaving your office with a lasting impression of your company.

While the culture and attitude of your staff matter most when it comes to the impression you leave on your clients, the aesthetic quality of your meeting rooms plays an important role, too. By using the right meeting room lighting, you can boost the engagement and productivity of your client meetings, as well as help leave a better impression of your company name. How? Check out all the details below.

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Set the Tone of the Room

The brightness and intensity of your conference room lighting dramatically impact(s ) the mood of your meetings from the get-go. If your light fixtures are improperly placed, too bright, or too dull, they become a recipe for distraction.

With smart lighting control, start your meetings right with bright, even light to keep clients alert. Then when it’s time for a presentation, dim your lights to an appropriate lull so that your clients can effectively see what you’re presenting to them. If your meeting or training room use natural light during the day instead, simply program your lighting to adjust accordingly on their own—from off or dim when sunlight is flooding in, to full intensity after sunset.

A smart lighting system also makes hands-on control easy at any time of day. Just adjust the brightness of your lights using an in-wall keypad or a smart device to create the perfect lighting intensity for any purpose inside your meeting room.


Boost Energy and Production

Tunable lighting simulated to reflect the natural light of the sun helps improve productivity, concentration, and creativity inside your meeting room. Keep clients attentive and focused with bright, cool hues in the morning and warmer, orange hues in the evening to reflect the same shade and intensity of sunlight throughout the day.

Tunable lighting is proven to boost concentration as it correlates with our circadian rhythms and nourishes our naturally-occurring levels of cortisol and melatonin throughout the day. Just set your meeting room lights on an daily rotation to adjust temperature and brightness along with the sun so you can set it and forget it.


Dazzle with Smart Lighting Integration

Leave a positive, lasting impression on your clients by demonstrating that you are a leader in future-forward technology. A smart lighting control system that integrates with the rest of your office’s smart technology is not only an added convenience for you, but it is a direct reflection of your company’s efforts toward success.

By showing that your company invests in high-performance, energy-saving technology that aids in operational efficiency, your clients will better trust that you apply the same quality of investment in your customers.


Let our team at Texadia Systems help you design the perfect smart lighting system for your meeting rooms. Learn more by contacting us here or sending a live chat below to talk with an expert team member now.