Work Smarter with Conference Room Audio Video Solutions

There was once a time when an office conference room was merely a space for a company to gather around a table and discuss plans, ideas, and takeaways for the business. And although that purpose hasn’t changed, conference rooms have technologically transformed to be much more than just a room and a table for meetings.

In the age of wireless technology and telecommuting, conference room spaces today are more vital than ever to the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to make sure the conference room in your Dallas, TX office is effectively set up to tackle every operational, financial, and creative challenge that comes your way.

In this blog, we explore how conference room audio video solutions can take your space to the next level and ultimately maximize the power of your meetings. Just keep reading to learn more.


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High-Quality Speaker System

If you’ve ever participated in a business presentation, chances are you’ve experienced interruption due to improper audio distribution. Poor-quality speakers produce uneven sound and unpredictable clarity, causing disruption and adding unnecessary time to meetings.

A high-quality sound system consisting of in-ceiling or wall-mounted speakers from top manufacturers like JBL, Tannoy, Episode and more helps disperse even sound that’s loud enough for the entire room to hear but not too loud that it disrupts other areas of the office.

Our team at Texadia Systems can install a surround sound system that perfectly complements the acoustics and architecture of your space and delivers high-resolution sound equally throughout the room. We can customize your audio system to perfectly fit your needs.

Interactive Displays

Team collaboration is at the heart of any conference room. Improve how your staff meets and solves problems with interactive displays.

With interactive displays or whiteboards, your team can make notes and share ideas in real time with those present in the conference room and with staff that may be working from a remote location. With just the touch of your finger, you can capture large amounts of data, notes, and other meeting content to easily distribute to your team or save for yourself in standard file types.

As active learning grows to be a preferred training method, displays are a perfect solution to creating a dynamic learning experience for all. Build greater collaboration and interaction methods in your conference room, and watch your business profit.

Integrated Room Control

As the Internet of Things takes the business world by storm, incorporating a control system in your conference room to streamline all of your smart devices with one universal remote will help ensure smoother operations, and a boost in production for your business. We partner with Crestron to help bring ease of use to every business by simplifying a room and creating an experience for your team and your clients.

Incorporating a control system into your conference room gives you the power to control all of your AV solutions, including lighting, speakers, displays, projectors, communication, audio and video conferencing systems, and more from an easy-to-use touch panel or remote.

A conference room automation system is key to helping you maximize the power of your meetings and use your time as efficiently as possible to make better decisions for your business.

Our team at Texadia Systems is a leading expert in conference room AV systems. Our industry professionals are ready to help you upgrade your conference room to maximize your meetings and ultimately grow your business. Just contact our Dallas, TX office today or send us a live chat below to learn more.