See How a Control4 Smart System Works—Up Close & Personal  

Are you ready to turn your Texas home smart? There are a handful of luxury smart systems to choose from, but Control4 is one of the biggest names worldwide.  

With Control4, homeowners sync their lighting, security, audio, thermostats, and more into one intuitive system. Tap “Good Morning” on the Control4 app or wall keypad, and your house will prepare itself for the day, raising blinds and adjusting the temperature.  

But unless you’ve seen Control4 at a friend or relative’s house, you might not know what a true smart home looks like. If you’re located in or near Southlake, TX, you can witness home automation in action at our Control4 Certified Showroom.  

As a Texas Control4 dealer, we help homeowners make the most of their automated homes. You can learn more in our free monthly newsletter with articles on smart systems, home theaters, AV, and security. See what you can expect in our showroom below!  

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You Can’t Find Control4 at Any Store  

Control4 can’t be picked up at a big-box store like Best Buy or ordered online. Why not? Well, a high-end home automation system is too sophisticated to take out of a box and plug in. Control4 requires careful design and installation by a knowledgeable technician to perform complex commands. Control4 plays nicely with over 15,000 devices, from speakers to locks to smart coffee pots. It all connects to the central controller, the hub of your system, which a Control4 dealer will wire to all your devices. 

What It Means to Have a Control4 Certified Showroom  

A Control4 Certified dealer has met a series of elevated installation standards and is an expert in hands-on technology demonstrations. Our team at Texadia Systems is proud to be part of a special subset of Control4 dealers with a certified showroom. After an extensive vetting process, we’ve been approved by Control4’s management to officially represent the brand and demonstrate the latest in-home automation.   

What’s at the Showroom?  

Control4 Certified Showrooms showcase the magic of Control4 through:  

  • Multi-room audio and video 
  • Home theater and living room entertainment  
  • Smart lighting and motorized shades  
  • Surveillance and security  
  • Intelligent home networking  
  • Voice control 
  • Temperature control 

We invite you to experience home automation inperson to visualize what it will be like to live with Control4. If you like what you see, we can help you get started with a new system.    

If you’d like to learn more about our intelligent home solutions, contact Texadia Systems here. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!