Can Your Home Network Keep Up with Your Life?

Here’s an eye-opener for you: The number of IoT devices, or the interconnected devices we use on a daily basis, is estimated to increase by a whopping 130 percent in just five years, to about 62 billion devices.

The number of IoT devices in your home may be a drop in the bucket by comparison, but homeowners everywhere are constantly seeing an increase in connected technology as it becomes more accessible.

As you have probably seen, your Dallas, TX smart home is filling up with solutions that demand more data, from 4K TVs and smart doorbells to whole-home automation systems. The time for a secure home networking installation is now.

Does your home network stand the test of an increasingly connected world? Keep reading to learn why you may need an upgrade.

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Tighter Network Security

Our lives are becoming more digital every day, so robust cybersecurity is an absolute must when operating your integrated devices. Keep your smart home guarded and your family safe from potential digital threats with complex password protections, updated firmware, a virtual private network, anti-virus software, firewalls and more.

Texadia System’s remote monitoring and support services can ensure that you have reliable digital protections in place to identify and quarantine potential threats coming your way. Whether your home works best with a wired, wireless, or hybrid network, we’ll make sure your system never goes offline and works around the clock to keep your family safe.

Faster Network Speeds

It’s simple: The more devices you connect to your home, the more strain you’re putting on your network. As you grow your smart home, your network must be able to facilitate communication between all of your devices for fast, reliable responses- and no lag time for you.

Some of your added IoT devices, like a smart doorbell, may only require small amounts of data and a simple wi-fi connection to work well. But that’s not the case across all devices. Your desktop computer and distributed AV system, for example, require heavy amounts of data and work faster and more reliably when hardwired.

Don’t know the limitations of your current network equipment? We can help you determine if your network has the strength to keep up. Our team also specializes in wireless and hardwired solutions that offer homeowners the perfect coverage for their properties.

More Reliable Network Connections

Maybe your network speed is fast, but how often do you experience loss in network connection? Your connected home is only as reliable as your network; your smart devices can’t work the way they’re supposed to when they constantly lose connection to the internet.

Solutions like fiber-optic and structured cabling, mesh networks, and device prioritization ensure a strong, reliable network that you can count on. A little preparation goes a long way when you make sure your home network is thoughtfully designed and healthy. Instead of a spotty connection, you’ll experience a network that is efficient and effective around the clock.

This is the year you need to invest in a robust, reliable, fast, and secure home network. Our team can help every step of the way. Contact Texadia Systems here or send a live chat below to schedule a consultation with one of our home networking experts today.