How Lutron Levels Up Your Home’s Lighting  

New smart LED lightbulbs like Philips Hue let users adjust the bulb’s color while toggling on and off over a smartphone app. But a complete lighting control system like Lutron is much more sophisticated than a single smart bulbLutron systems let you control every lighting fixture and motorized shade in your house, automating the atmosphere automatically through sensors and schedules.  

With a lighting system, you won’t have to take out your app every time you want to use a bulb and change the color. Lutron knows your preferences and will adjust the lights based on your routine, responding to voice commands or pre-programmed scenes.  

How does Lutron work? As a certified Lutron dealer, we’ll share all you need to know about total lighting control below. And to learn more about installing Lutron lighting in your Dallas, TX home, contact Texadia Systems here! We’re always open to new home projects.  

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How Lighting Control Systems Work  

If you’re looking for the best in lighting control, you can trust the brand that illuminates the Statue of Liberty—Lutron! A Lutron dealer will first plan and design your system, which may include prewiring for custom keypads, dimmers, lights, smart shades, and sensors. They’ll visit your home and program lighting scenes that you’ll be free to activate at any time on your own.  

When the system is finished, you’ll be able to group lights and shades, transforming an area’s appearance with one tap of a button. Your dealer will fine-tune light settings and button programming to elevate the appearance and feel of each room. So, if you activate “Nighttime” in the bedroom, for example, targeted lights will turn off, others will lower their brightness, and you’ll be all set for your bedtime routine.   

Automate When Lights Turn On  

You’ll never have to return home to a pitch-black house again. As your cars pull into the driveway, sensors can automatically prompt your Lutron system to turn on outdoor and interior lights. Tap “Away” as you’re heading out the door, and all your lights will turn off without you running from room to room to all the light switches. Schedules will turn on lights when you need them—and turn off when you don’t, saving energy instantly.  

Fine-Tune Color & Brightness   

Ever notice how your favorite restaurants always embody the perfect atmosphere for dinner? You too can create “mood lighting” at home by adjusting the color, color temperature, and brightness of your smart lights. Through the Lutron app, slide your finger on the color wheel to alter how lights appear. You can then create personalized scenes that set the ideal appearance for all your activities, from movie time to curling up with a book.  

Imagine lights in the morning that gradually brighten to a cool white, refreshing your mind for the day ahead. As afternoon and evening approach, your home’s lights will transition on their own to soft, golden tones, like a sunset or candlelight. It’s all possible with a smart lighting system.  

Interested in Home Lighting Control?  

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