Why Lighting Control Improves Business—and Will Make You Look Good!

What makes a great workplace? Employees thrive where they feel valued, appreciated, and in a space where they can perform their best. Your meeting room is a direct reflection of your company’s capabilities, and clients will take note of your office’s atmosphere and technology. That’s why in today’s fast-paced business world, lighting control is both a helpful tool and a morale booster.

Lights? How much of an impact can they have on a business? You’d be surprised! Continue reading to see how meeting room lighting will benefit your Dallas, TX company.

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  1. You’ll Improve Wellness and Mood

If you’ve ever spent time in a room with little or no natural light, you know poor lighting can be a negative influence on your mood. Offices and schools across the country are starting to take advantage of tunable lighting technology, which automates the color temperature and brightness of lighting fixtures. With a tunable lighting system, your lights will gradually adjust over the day to mimic circadian rhythms and natural sunlight. In the morning, your team will be energized by brighter blue-white light. But as the afternoon shifts, lights will warm lightly and dim, prompting the brain to produce melatonin. This helps everyone receive a better night’s sleep, reduces headaches, and minimizes irritability.

  1. You’ll Enjoy More Efficient Meetings

Smart lighting can also make conferences and meetings more productive. If a presenter is incorporating video into their meeting, they’ll only need to press a button labeled ‘A/V’ to automatically dim the lights, lower motorized shades, and lower the projector screen. After the presentation, you’ll only need to press a button (‘Meeting’) or instruct a voice-activated speaker to brighten lights and raise shades to a comfortable amount.

  1. You’ll Save Energy

Lighting control can also help your business save money that can be spent elsewhere. Occupancy sensors will turn off lights in vacant rooms, so you’ll never be wasting electricity on empty spaces. Some rooms may not be suitable for motion sensors, like lobbies, but we often let unused rooms like kitchens or bathrooms stay lit all day long. You can also easily set schedules from your smart system so that lights will turn on by a timer. It can be shocking to see how much electricity is saved when fragments of unnecessary time are shaved off.

  1. You’ll Impress Clients

Clients are sure to be impressed by your forward-thinking technology and will take note of your streamlined meeting process. With smart lighting at multiple levels and attractive, customizable color temperatures, your meeting room lighting will subconsciously tell clients and visitors that your company is put-together and ahead of the curve. Plus, LED digital signage in your lobby is a sleek and contemporary way to share information with guests.


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