How Meeting Room Lighting Can Boost Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day at work was so productive, everyone could take off early and enjoy the afternoon without worry? Instead, most work days are filled with long meetings and staring at screens while sipping another cup of coffee, hoping for energy to complete the day’s tasks.

Sound familiar? In recent years, offices across the nation have been experimenting with standing desks and room arrangements to find the most efficient results. But one often overlooked aspect of business success is the lighting. With the correct meeting room lighting in your Plano, Texas company, your team’s efficiency, mood, and energy levels will increase. To discover what your office may be lacking in lighting, continue reading below!

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Mimic Circadian Rhythms with Tunable Lighting

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, most Americans spend nearly 90% of their days indoors, with minimal exposure to natural sunlight. Windows in office spaces are helpful, but certain areas of your building may not have ample outdoor views, especially if you’re working in cubicles, hospital rooms, or classrooms. Still, the lighting we operate under is vital to how we feel. Plus, how we sleep at night plays a significant role in our work performance. But how can your office’s light bulbs make a difference?

The body’s circadian rhythm—our internal clock that regulates when we’re asleep and awake—is prompted by the sun. Because we spend little time under natural sunlight, we depend on artificial lighting to regulate our circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, lights that are too dim during the day and too bright in the evening will confuse our internal clocks, keeping us up at night and fatigued during the day. But with new tunable LED lighting options, bulbs adjust their color temperature gradually throughout the day. Your space’s mornings will be lit with bright, blue-white light and fade into a warmer, softer white in the afternoon. Your team won’t be stuck with the same irritating light all day, and will instead keep staff alert and in positive moods, as studies have shown.

Automate Your Meeting Room Lighting

Does it ever feel like weekly meetings drag on much longer than necessary? Everyone’s time is valuable, and assembling the meeting room for a presentation can be time-consuming and complicated. Why not make everyone’s day easier with automated lighting and shading in your conference room? From a phone, tablet, or voice-speaker, you can automatically lower the room’s shades, turn off overhead lights, and turn on pathway lighting so everyone can still safely enter and exit in the dark. It will impress clients and save time for whoever is presenting. Plus, with a smart control system like Control4, your projector, speakers, thermostat, and more can all be integrated too.


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