Texadia Systems Keeps You Connected in Fun & Exciting Ways 

Did you know that the average American has access to 10 connected devices in their home? It’s true, according to a Statista survey of over 14,000 respondents. Smart TVs, tabletssmartphones, smartwatches, gaming consoles, and more all comprise the device list. Think about your own home – how many devices do you use daily in your Texas home?  

Modern home networks require expert design and installation in order to adequately keep Texans connected, no matter if you’re in Prosper or elsewhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. And the last year has seen a rise in the amount of time we spent at home and changed our daily networking needs tremendously. Read on below to learn three unique ways Texadia Systems can keep you connected with professional-grade home network services. 

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Remote Computing 

Many workplaces have shifted to a partial or fulltime workfromhome environment, requiring workers in almost every industry to modify how they do business. And if you haven’t been able to shift to working-from-home in a home office, then your children have at least spent some time learning at home. E-learning environments require video-heavy curricula and frequent videoconferencing with classmates.  

To keep Texans connected, a robust home network with wireless connectivity is imperative. Enterprise-grade solutions elevate connections to the same level required for commercial businesses – strong and scalable to maximize productivity for remote work and schooling.  

Multi-Player Gaming 

When you aren’t presenting remotely, updating databases from afar, or learning at home, you’re likely in need of a bit of downtime to relax. That’s where these next two points of home connectivity shine.  

Multi-player online gaming requires minimal lag times, whether you’re on a desktop gaming computer or console. Communicating in realtime with connected players while you sit in your media room requires no lag so that you can complete gaming missions and side-quests. The experts at Texadia Systems can configure your network so traffic is prioritized. You can experience low latency during times of intense gaming while everyone else in the house stays connected on their devices simultaneously. 

Epic Netflix Parties 

Large gatherings are still discouraged but keeping up with family and friends has never been easier. Teleparty (previously Netflix Party) is a service you can utilize to watch Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus with your friends and family. While you hang out in the home theater streaming The Mandalorian, you can chat and watch along with others, no matter where they’re located. Having a reliable home network ensures you stay connected without any annoying buffering symbols.

If you need a home network service upgrade for your Dallas/Fort Worth-area home, connect with Texadia Systems today! We look forward to working with you!