Make the Most of Your Texas Smart Home for Simplified and Elevated Living

If you already have a smart home, you understand the power of convenience, luxury, and security that it brings to your lifestyle. One-touch commands over several systems, voice control options, and integrated technology truly take simplified living to new levels.

But are you making the most of your Texas smart home? Automation allows for virtually limitless customization for any personal preference, whether that means more convenience, energy savings, or even just high-end entertainment.

As a professional systems integrator serving University Park, we know a thing or two about custom home automation. Below, we list three smart home control upgrades you should consider for your space if you haven’t already. Keep reading to learn why.

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Tunable LED Lighting

It’s one thing to be able to tell Alexa to turn on your kitchen lights or set a schedule for your house lights to switch on and off at certain times of the day. But implementing tunable LED lighting with your control system does even more for your home—and your health.

Tunable white and colored lighting creates high-impact ambiance inside or outside your home for warm, intimate spaces or cool environments. Create several moods across your whole home with different shades of light for a productive office space, romantic home theater, relaxing spa and bath, and motivational gym.

What’s more, tunable lighting also simulates natural light patterns that sync with your biological clock, or circadian rhythm, helping you to feel energized during the day and sleepy at night. As the day begins, your lights can shine bright and blue to simulate the morning sun and then dim to a warm, low hue toward the evening to simulate the setting sun.

Outdoor Audio Video

Anyone who lives in Texas knows it doesn’t stay cold for long. Spring and summer are the perfect times to enjoy a stunning entertainment system outside while family and friends swim or sit under the stars.

With a smart outdoor audio video system, you can easily stream your favorite content in 4K and lossless audio to your backyard, deck, and pool area. Ultrabright TVs, projector-and-screen setups, surround sound systems, underground amplifiers, and more can be tailored specifically to your backyard landscape so that your entertainment system doesn’t disturb neighbors or intrude on your outdoor décor.

For big family get-togethers or social events, you can easily distribute the same audio and video from your home theater or media room to your outdoor system so that your music playlist or streaming movie plays throughout your entire property for whole-home entertainment.

4K Video Surveillance

Smart surveillance is one of the fastest growing, in-demand technology solutions for homes, and for good reason. When implementing products for the safety of your property, go one step beyond a digital recorder with 4K video surveillance.

4K surveillance cameras use the latest artificial intelligence software to recognize potential threats and can notify you of issues before they occur. Compared to 1080p, 4K cameras offer four times the image quality, which results in a better digital zoom on detailed items like license plates, intruders’ faces, and more.

Don’t have the infrastructure to support 4K video surveillance? No problem. Our team integrates the perfect security system for your home that works with with the rest of your smart home controls for optimum comfort and safety.

Make the most of your Texas smart home with upgrades that add more security, simplicity, and luxury to your lifestyle. Our team at Texadia Systems can help you get started today. Just contact us here or send a live chat below to talk to a professional systems integrator now.