With Back-to-School Season Around the Corner, It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Wireless Home Network

This isn’t like most back-to-school seasons. Many children will be attending school remotely, and if you have kids at home, they’ll need a reliable internet connection to meet with their teachers, collaborate on projects, and submit assignments.

We know this is a stressful time for most families, and the last thing you need is an unstable Wi-Fi connection that delays your children’s school day and your work. If your internet is fussy, there are steps a professional can take to improve it. For an upgraded wireless home network in Dallas, TX, see what we can do to help.

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Issue: Some Rooms Barely Receive Wi-Fi

Does your entire second story have a weak internet connection? Are there rooms where nothing ever loads, or maybe your router doesn’t reach to the backyard? Your router may not have the range you need, or there may be materials in your house—steel doors, brick or concrete walls—that prevent signals from moving throughout your house.

Possible Solutions:

Sometimes your router needs to be moved into an open area and not hidden behind furniture or troublesome walls. In other cases, your router’s range may not reach all areas. There are many options from here: installing range extenders, combining wired with wireless connections, or even adding another router. We will assess your situation to see what’s best for your family.

If problems persist, predictive and mapping software can show us areas of your house that may be causing issues. This can help us create a custom network plan.

Issue: Your Connection Is Slow

When many devices and technology are on the same frequency, that can cause collisions. Your router may be overloaded, causing slow response times. Consider how many computers, phones, smart devices, speakers, and security items might be using your network during a school day.

Possible Solutions:

Each frequency on a router (2.4GHz and 5GHz) offers a choice of ‘channels.’ Spreading devices across different channels will help alleviate stalled connections. We’ll stagger channels so that they don’t overlap and can switch your router’s channel to avoid interference from neighboring networks.

Issue: Wi-Fi Sometimes Works, Sometimes Doesn’t

Does your internet sometimes run flawlessly, and other times disappears or stops working? If you find yourself restarting the router repeatedly, there may be an issue with your network.

Possible Solutions:

Oddly enough, sometimes appliances like microwaves, baby monitors, and wireless devices can interfere with Wi-Fi. Technology on a 2.4GHz frequency will overlap with your Wi-Fi, causing issues. Pay attention to when you lose internet and see if these could be the culprit.

As for a routinely crashing router, we recommend employing a professional, like a Texadia technician, to research the problem. A Texadia tech will come to your home to perform a wireless evaluation using a Wi-Spy device. This high-tech device will identify and confirm which wireless channels are “open” and which ones are being bombarded by devices from your neighbors’ homes as well as your own.

Is your home ready for a network upgrade? Contact Texadia Systems in Dallas to get ahead for the new school year.