Tunable Lighting & Motorized Shades for a Comfortable and Convenient Home

You already have lights and shades in your Dallas, TX, home. So why would you need to upgrade to smart lighting control? Well, tunable LED lighting and motorized shades offer countless benefits, from saving time to sleeping better and reducing energy consumption. And it can all be done from one intuitive interface, from one smart system.

Texadia Systems has recently partnered with Lutron, a pioneer in lighting control technology. Since 1950, Lutron has changed the way homeowners illuminate their homes and were the first to invent the rotary home lighting dimmer. We’ll share how Lutron’s smart lighting solutions work and what a difference they can make in your Texas household, so keep reading to see why we think you’ll love this solution.

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Tunable White Light

Most lightbulbs seem to come in two shades—icy blue-white, or a warm, golden color. Neither is perfect for all-day use. Based on our circadian rhythms, we should have cool tinted light during the day for alertness and a warm glow in the evening to sleep better. That’s where tunable lighting can help.

With a Caséta lighting control system by Lutron, your lights’ brightness and color temperature can be fine-tuned to any appearance you’d like. Lights can be set to a schedule, too, so they’ll automatically transform to follow the sun’s patterns, shifting from cool to warm gradually. Imagine waking up to an energizing light in the morning and winding down to amber tones while you’re relaxing in bed! You can even customize fun colors for parties or holidays, adjustable right from your smartphone app.

Lutron Smart Shading

For added convenience, privacy, and aesthetics, you can sync your smart lighting to Lutron’s motorized shades. Their Serena smart shades are available in a variety of colors, textures, and transparencies. From one tap of the app or through voice command, you can raise and lower every shade in the house in an instant. Through your smart home system, you can create scenes that merge shades and lighting, like ‘Away,’ automatically turning off all shades and lowering blinds as you walk out the door.

Occupancy and Daylight Sensors

Besides automated scenes, Lutron’s smart sensors make it easy to manage when lights and shades should be activated. Occupancy sensors will instantly turn lights off in vacant rooms, reducing your electricity consumption. Lutron’s sensors recognize small motions like flipping the pages of a book so that it won’t leave you in the dark.

This is highly beneficial in rooms where lights are accidentally left on, like the laundry room or kitchen. Furthermore, the Smart Ambient Light Detection sensor learns your light level preferences and will keep lights off when there is ample sunlight in the room.

Sunlight sensors can also trigger your motorized shades to retract as light hits your windows directly. This will keep the sun out, maintaining a cool, shaded room so that you won’t rely so heavily on AC. Motorized shades can also protect your artwork and furniture from fading in the sun, preserving your belongings.


Ready to save time and add comfort to your Texas home through smart lighting? If you want to see how lighting control works firsthand, come visit our showroom to explore our tunable lighting solutions. Schedule a visit or your free consultation by calling Texadia Systems at (214) 956-5820. You can also submit our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!