The Best Brightness & Color for Every Area

When LED light bulbs were first introduced, some were wary of their brighter glow that seemed less cozy than incandescent bulbs. Since then, the eco-friendly lights have come a long way with plenty of options to customize your home. But not every room will benefit from the same lighting color and temperature, and the LEDs you use should reflect each space’s needs.

Just like sunlight gives us energy, light bulbs function in a similar way. Bulbs that emit blue-tinted light waves produce serotonin in our minds, which make us feel more alert. Lamps without blue light allow our brains to produce melatonin, which prepares us for a good night’s sleep.

With this in mind, we’ve created a guide to help you properly design the LED lighting of your Frisco, TX home. Continue reading to learn more!

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Living Room

The brightness level of an LED light bulb is measured in Lumens, with lower numbers attributed to dimmer light and higher numbers appearing brighter. Similarly, color temperature is measured in Kelvins, with warmer-hued lights at lower numbers and blue-tinted lights higher. Since the living room is a popular location to relax with friends and family, watch a movie, or read a book, you won’t want lamps that inspire too much energy and alertness. Instead, opt for amber-hued LEDs at around 2200-3000K. Be sure to include lights at multi-levels, so you can quickly adapt to various activities.

Dining Room

‘Mood lighting’ in restaurants is common for a reason; no one wants to feel like there’s a spotlight on them while they’re eating. Warm, cozy lighting between 1800 to 3000 Lumens or 24 foot lamberts of light is best. The soft, neutral tones will be bright enough to see the faces at the dinner table, creating the perfect ambiance.

Home Office

While working from home, you’ll want to stay as alert and focused as possible. Cool-white lights (3000-5000K) mimic daylight, keeping your mind more energized and productive. The lights shouldn’t be too vivid, however, as that could spark irritation. A brightness level between 3,000 and 6,000 Lumens is the perfect match for workplace lighting.


More than any other room, your bedroom’s LED lighting should create a peaceful atmosphere to receive a good night’s sleep. Avoid blue light waves and instead choose a lower color temperature, between 2700 and 3000K for a golden hue. If you’re a nighttime reader, include a bedside reading lamp with neutral tones that’s easy to turn off when it’s time to close your eyes.

Whole House

What if we told you every room in your house could adjust from icy white hues in the morning to softer, melatonin-inducing lights in the evening? With tunable LED lights, your home’s lighting will be set to a schedule to adjust to your body’s circadian rhythm. Tunable lights have been proven to help users sleep better and live with more energy during the day. Plus, with your lighting fixtures integrated into a smart control system like Control4, you can adjust every room and lamp directly from your smartphone or tablet. When it’s time for bed, turn off every LED in just one press of a button.


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