Stream Tunes in Any and Every Room at the Tap of a Button

The rise of streaming music has transformed the way we listen to our favorite songs. A world of music lives in our smartphones, and with a single touch, we can play any artist, genre, playlist, or song we desire. So, what if it were that easy to instantly distribute your favorite music throughout the home?

With a whole-home audio system, you can effortlessly stream music in any and every room of your Highland Park, TX property that has connected speakers. Want to fill the entire house with the same playlist or enjoy a separate song in each room? It’s all possible with whole-home audio distribution. Explore the unbeatable benefits below.

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High-Performance Sound Anywhere You Want It

With the latest technologies from the world’s best manufacturers and our industry-leading expertise in high-performance audio systems, we can transform your spaces to house in-surface or architectural speakers virtually anywhere you want to stream music.

We work with top-tier brands like Leon, Sonos, Control4, and more to deliver best-in-class whole-home audio distribution systems for stunning soundscapes throughout the most unique of homes.

Controlling your music is effortless with smart home platforms like Control4. From a single interface, you can view and manage the music playing in any room of your home and instantly share it across any zone. All you need is your smartphone, a tabletop tablet, or an in-wall keypad.


Music that’s Heard, Not Seen

Filling your home with music doesn’t mean cluttering your spaces with bulky technology. Today’s advanced audio systems offer concealed solutions, such as in-surface speakers, that produce impeccable sound without disrupting your décor.

In-surface speakers are installed flush with your walls and ceilings and bring high-quality sound to your spaces by way of a central processor or matrix switcher without intruding on your interior design. Hidden behind acoustically transparent, micro-perforated grilles that can be painted to blend in with your walls and ceilings, in-surface speakers are the perfect solution for music that’s heard but not seen.

Because a hardwired speaker installation is better suited for new construction projects, we recommend a wireless whole-home audio solution for those with lived-in homes. But don’t worry—elite brands like Sonos offer beautifully compact speakers designed to blend right into your spaces.


Connect Your Favorite Digital & Analog Sources

While digital streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music may be your go-to source, your listening enjoyment doesn’t have to stop there. If you still have love for old-school audio sources like CD players and turntables, we can also connect those sources to your whole-home audio system for timeless listening.

Reliable cabling makes it easy to hook up your CD player, whether it’s standalone or portable, to your AV receiver so that you can play any disc on connected speakers throughout your home. With a phono preamp, you can connect your vintage record player as well for easy vinyl music distribution. The installation may be complex, but controlling your audio system will be as easy as a few taps on your smart device of choice.


At Texadia Systems, we are committed to providing only the best AV solutions and services for our clients in Texas and across the country. Ready to transform your home into an immersive soundscape? Contact us today by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below now!