What Boardroom Technology is Right for Your Business?

Does your office still resemble the early 2000s, 1990s, or even earlier? While vintage pieces of furniture can make for fun interior design, outdated technology serves little benefit. A future-facing office is energizing for your staff and prospective hires and is sure to make a great impression on clients who step inside. 

New boardroom technology can transform your team to achieve more during the day, feel more focused, and avoid time-wasting technology hiccups. Plus, you’ll be able to save more energy, and can feel good about your business’ minimal carbon footprint. 

Continue reading to learn more about our favorite office technology to boost your Dallas, TX-area business’s production.

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Smart Lighting 

Save time, energy, and improve your team’s morale with smart lighting technology. How? By adding motion detectors in each room, your office lights will turn on only when activity is detected. After an idle period, lights will turn off in vacant rooms, reducing energy usage and costs. With a smart system like Crestron, you can connect all lighting fixtures and easily set timers to the lights. So, when the first person arrives in the morning, they won’t have to fumble through a darkened office. 

Another beneficial advance in lighting is tunable LEDs. If you’ve ever heard complaints of headaches or fatigue in your office, your lighting could be the culprit. Our internal clock is meant to be regulated by natural sunlight, with bright blue-tinted white light in the morning and warmer-hued light in the evening. After years of working under one stagnant color temperature, our sleep cycles fall out of sync, causing irritability and drowsiness. Switch your office illumination to tunable lights that will gradually adjust amounts of blue light throughout the day, improving everyone’s mental health. The bulbs can be set for automatic operation, but you can manually adjust them from your lighting control system as well.  

Smart Boardrooms 

Transform your meeting processes with a system that maintains shared office spaces, including boardrooms, phone booths, hot desks, and huddle spaces. This will allow departments and teams to search for and reserve conference rooms in just a few clicks. Smart screens located outside the door of a shared space can display real-time information on what team has currently booked the room.  

Inside your boardroom, equip the space with speakers, interactive displays, and projector screens that are all integrated into your Crestron system. From one touch of a button or voice command, you can set the room for meeting mode. LED walls are scalable to any size and with seamless imagery, are perfect to display information to large groups. Motorized blinds will lower automatically so that everyone can stay focused during midday presentations without glare on the display screen. Communication will flow much more efficiently, and you’ll find hosting meetings to be much less of a hassle. 

Presentations & Conferences 

Take your spaces a step further with wireless presentations and web-based conferencing in your existing Crestron smart system. With Crestron’s AirMedia feature, your staff can connect computers and tablets instantly to the screen without the clutter of wires or dongles. In fact, you won’t even need a table—people are free to sit and stand anywhere in the room. This makes it easy to collaborate in flexible areas like a cafeteria or private office. Crestron’s Flex for Microsoft supports Microsoft Teams across all of your devices, making calls, videoconferencing, and scheduling intuitively simple.   

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