Tools to Improve Your Daily Video Meetings

What does it take to build the ultimate conference room? The modern world demands that we use the right hardware and software to collaborate with team members, partners, and clients remotely. As we rely more heavily on audio and video calls, you’ll need to find solutions that make your workday easier—not more complicated. The optimal setup will also make you seem more professional and competent, and never flustered, on an important call.

If your conference room audio video could use an upgrade, read on for tips to help your Dallas, TX business thrive. We’ll show you all the technology you might need for a top-quality meeting space: Keep reading to get our suggestions.

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Conferencing Software That Plays Well with Others

It’s important to select software and hardware that are compatible with other brands. There are hundreds of services that only work within their own bubble, causing problems when you’re trying to collaborate with someone who uses a different service.

Zoom, StarLeaf, and Microsoft Teams all provide conferencing software that will let you join meetings sent from other platforms. So, if your team uses StarLeaf but someone sends you a Zoom or Microsoft Teams link, you can still enter the virtual conference.

Conferencing Accessories for Faster Presentations

You never want technology to get in the way of meetings, wasting everyone’s time. New conferencing devices make collaboration simpler.

StarLeaf’s Pronto Cable USB, for instance, connects to your laptop and immediately shares your screen on the centerpiece display. You won’t have to finagle with cables or spend time emailing slideshows back and forth. Pop the Pronto out of your laptop, and someone else can use it in their device moments later.

For conference calls, touchscreen controllers at the center of your table simplify starting and ending meetings. In one tap, you can add new members, share screens, and mute the room. StarLeaf, Crestron, and Microsoft Teams all build helpful tabletop controllers.

High-Quality Display, Camera, and Microphone

Even with video, the sound is the most crucial element of your virtual meetings. You’ll want to ensure every word is heard clearly and that your network connection doesn’t cut out mid-call. Microphones can be placed at the center of the table or hang above from the ceiling to record everyone’s input.

We suggest mounting your webcam above the display screen with a lens that’s wide enough to capture the entire table. When your webcam is synced to your conferencing controller, you can turn the camera on and off from the table. An AV professional can assemble your technology so that everything is connected and positioned for success. You won’t have to worry about even a single cable.

Ready to boost your business operations? You can contact an audio video integrator like Texadia Systems to design and set up your conference room in Dallas, TX. We look forward to speaking with you!