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Smart home control is an exciting solution that many property owners have begun diving into because it elevates their lifestyle while also incorporating a newfound level of convenience. Your entire home will respond in mere seconds with simple voice command or the tap of a finger on your smart device of choice 

When considering home control and automation, Texas homeowners often ask us, “What can I do with a Control4 system?” The answer is, “Quite a lot!”  

As the premier Control4 Diamond Dealer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we’re excited to share a few of the benefits of this powerhouse home control brand in this blog below. You can also call to schedule an appointment to learn about home automation firsthand!  

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Scenes & Presets 

Scenes and presets are two of the most used features in any home control system. Just as you have radio station presets in your car, you can have preset smart home functions in your Dallas-area home. You can designate a desired temperature preset on your smart thermostat and preset brightness levels for lighting in the kitchen. Shades can also be preset to raise or lower to a specific height with just a press of a button or at a designated time of day.  

Scenes take your favorite smart solutions and string preset functions together. A “Relax” scene incorporates your favorites into one fluid response – with a simple finger tap, motorized shades lower for privacy, your favorite jazz LP plays on your whole-home audio system, and the lights dim to a relaxing, warm white to ease you into a relaxed state of mind. 

Extreme Compatibility 

Because certain Control4 software components are open source, big brands like Sony, Amazon, Samsung, Lutron, and more work beautifully within a Control4 home automation system. If you’d rather use your existing technology instead of Control4 solutions, you can. Control4 can communicate with tens of thousands of smart devices from more than 300 brands! 

The Experience 

Imagine creating “Wake Up” and “Sleep” smart scenes to bookend your busy day. You can schedule what time and which days of the week these scenes initiate. At 6:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, you can schedule your bedroom lighting to gradually brighten as your motorized shades also rise to allow in natural sunlight. A news station will begin playing as you make your way to the bathroom to shower and brush your teeth – talk about multi-tasking! In the evenings, the “Sleep” scene will turn off or dim smart lighting, lower shades, and arm the alarm system. 

These are just a few of the exciting ways you can use a Control4 system in your Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, home. Connect with us using our online form to get started with a no-obligation consultation today!