Improve Your Frisco, TX Home With Automated Shading Solutions

Homeowners often wonder if motorized shading and blinds are worth the cost when compared to manual window treatments. We always answer with a resounding, “Yes!” Few other home solutions offer a wide range of styling features while also offering improved smart home functionality.

Lutron shades offer both form and function, looking beautiful while bringing a new tier of comfort and convenience. Read on below to learn more about the benefits of Lutron shades and why incorporating them into a Control4 system can improve your lifestyle.

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The Benefits

Of course, saving time by not needing to walk throughout your home to open or close manual blinds is nice, but automatic shading and blinds offer more than convenience. Lutron shades reduce your need for electricity by utilizing sunlight to illuminate your home, plus they offer an added layer of security and improved ambiance.

in just a few seconds you can completely transform the look and feel of the family room. If you forget to close your blinds before leaving the house, you can use your smartphone to lower the blinds remotely, ensuring peering eyes cannot see inside your home.

Several Applications

The breadth of shading options lets you see your home in a whole new light, no matter your aesthetic. Lutron offers a variety of style and fabric options that are sure to match any home’s interior décor.

For example, sheer fabrics allow soft, filtered light to enter a room without blocking the view outside. If privacy is a significant concern for you, thicker fabric materials are best. Blackout fabrics are also an option, and they prevent any light from passing through, which is perfect for bedrooms or home theaters. The wide variety of fabrics from Lutron offer the utmost functionality and aesthetic for your Frisco-area home.

Lutron shades serve your home décor needs in a less-expected way, too! By managing excess light, you can protect your delicate furnishings from UV rays. We’re sure you’ve seen wood or fabrics bleached by the sun: Automated shades prevent sun damage to your home’s well-curated materials.

Do More With Control4

While Lutron shades are a marvel as standalone solutions in your Frisco, TX home, they’re even better when included in a Control4 smart home automation system.

A Control4 home enables all of your smart technologies—lighting, shading, audio/video, climate control, and more—to work together in one easy to use system that’s operable with a smart device or voice command.

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If you’re ready to explore the world of motorized shading and blinds from Lutron, connect with us today for a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!