Consumer Products Won’t Cut It For Your Business

We are often asked to visit businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to fix the following issue: A business owner wanted to save time and money, so they decided to implement a product they were already familiar with using in their home. What they ultimately realize is what works really well in a home does not always translate to a commercial boardroom setting. Poor connections, lagging presentations, and inadequate device compatibility are just a few of the issues we’re called on to resolve for Texas businesses.

Do it right the first time – incorporate a commercial-grade product to support your company’s bottom line and your staff’s daily work endeavors. As the leading Crestron dealer serving the North Texas area and beyond, Texadia Systems expertly designs and installs business technology that provides your business the support it needs. Read on below to learn why Apple AirPlay can’t compete with Crestron’s AirMedia 2.0.

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Support All Devices

Many people are drawn toward Apple products because they work so well once plugged in. Unfortunately, working with Apple products in the workplace also means there’s insufficient device compatibility. AirPlay only works with iOS and Mac devices, so anyone with Android mobile devices or PCs cannot quickly and wirelessly present to the room with just a few taps.

With Crestron’s AirMedia 2.0, cross-platform compatibility is the norm. Visitors and staff are all able to walk into a conference room to wake up the Crestron system, open up their device, then tap in the connection code displayed on the room’s large display to instantly begin presenting wirelessly. For Apple users, AirMedia feels intuitive and easy – even more user-friendly than AirPlay.

Stay Secure

Ensuring your businesses’ data is safe is imperative in any workplace, no matter what industry you operate in. With AES-128 content encryption and active directory user authentication, company happenings are secure from prying eyes. With XiO Cloud provisioning, firmware upgrades are remotely deployable, too.

IT staff don’t need to physically visit each boardroom or huddle space to ensure the latest software version is installed. Because automated upgrades are possible, you can ensure your data is always secure even if someone is on vacation and away from the office. Apple AirPlay does not offer the same encryption methods that are made to withstand commercial threats, nor are updates automatically deployed to every huddle space or boardroom in your office.

Robust Capabilities

No matter how large your conference room, you can rest easy knowing that every presentation will run smoothly with a Crestron system. When staff members enter the room and want to connect, they simply input the connection ID code from the Crestron-enabled TV display. There’s no need to toggle between multiple sources or juggle a knot of cables and dongles.

AirPlay connections must struggle and fight through a congested Wi-Fi network with comparably lackluster skill. But no matter how many display screens your boardroom has, Crestron’s smooth, synchronized video and audio playback will keep the meeting going. Interactive content like spreadsheets can often slow down meetings, but AirMedia 2.0 offers the lowest latency on the market as well as the lowest bandwidth consumption. With commercial-grade solutions, your Dallas-area business stays connected easily.

Though visiting your local retailer to find a quick product is enticing, don’t waste your money or efforts. Commercial-grade solutions installed by professionals is the best way to keep your business running well and let employees collaborate. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation appointment now!