Discover the Perfect Audio Video Solutions for Your Home 

2018 is coming to an end, and you’ve worked hard all to meet both personal and professional goals while also preparing for another year ahead. So, how do you reward yourself? Start off the New Year right by upgrading your home with custom audio video solutions that bring brand-new meaning to luxury entertainment!

In this blog, we list a few custom AV solutions to incorporate into your Dallas area home to make 2019 the best year for your home entertainment yet. Just keep reading to learn more.

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Framed TVs & Hidden Tech

Upgrade your home’s audio video system to complement the beauty of your home’s interior design! Nowadays, you can find a variety of luxury TVs, speakers, and more that stay hidden in your home or add to your décor.

One great way to complement technology with your style is disguising your TV panels as stunning works of art. Framed TVs work perfectly as intended when turned on but then transform into framed artwork when turned off (see picture above). Now when you’re done using your TV, it will add to your home’s charm as a beautiful piece of art instead of standing out as a large, black hole on your wall.

Another great way to enhance your home’s interior design with custom AV is using speakers that hide discreetly in your walls and ceilings or that disguise themselves as pieces of furniture. With disguised speakers, you get to hide the equipment as you wish but keep the integrity of your high-end audio!

No matter your vision, our team at Texadia Systems can upgrade your audio video equipment to perfectly match the beauty of your home while creating the ultimate entertainment experience for you.

Dedicated Listening Room

Take your listening experience to a new level by pairing a high-end audio system with a dedicated listening room. A listening room in your home offers perfectly fitted acoustic treatments for optimum sound absorption and unobstructed listening like you’ve never experienced before.

We can create the ultimate listening room for your home, from design to installation and servicing. Whether you desire hidden in-wall speakers or beautiful floor speakers that match your interior design, you’ll experience distraction-free listening in a musical haven of lossless sound.

Whole-Home AV Distribution

AV Distribution is perfect for continued entertainment throughout your entire home. With AV distribution, you can stream your favorite music or the sound of a sports game through all the rooms in your property with the simple control of a remote, keypad, or even your smartphone. Want to play party music downstairs but calming music upstairs? Multi-zone distribution makes it easy to customize how you stream your music to suit your preferences.

With AV distribution, you can also stream video throughout your whole home. Maybe you’re watching a movie in your home theater but want to finish it in your bedroom. No problem. AV distribution makes it easy to control how you stream your video from all the displays in your home. One-touch control gives you the power to easily manage all your entertainment technology as you desire.

Ring in the New Year with custom AV solutions and upgrade how you entertain at home. We can help you every step of the way. Just contact us here or swing by our Dallas office today!