There’s No Place Like a Home with Control4 Automation

To some, smart home automation may seem like a techy toy for adults. But did you know that smart technology can have immense wellness and relaxation benefits? A smart system like Control4 allows you to access all of your devices from one app, remote, or voice assistant speaker. Days and nights spent at home are suddenly cozier, more relaxing, and will help you receive a better night’s sleep. But how?

Ready to enhance daily life in your Dallas, TX home? Continue reading to see how a home automation system can help.

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Energize & Relax with Smart Lighting

By connecting smart lighting dimmers to your home, you’ll have complete control over each room’s lighting color and brightness. This means that the same lights that are a bright blue-white hue in the morning can transition to warm, golden glows in the evening. You’ll feel ready for dinner and conversations under atmospheric lighting, and the absence of blue light at night will help you achieve a deeper sleep. A smart system lets you schedule custom scenes to occur automatically, so you won’t have to lift a finger or remember to tune the lights.

Smart Air Quality & Temperature Control

Did you know that you can add air purification devices to your smart system, too? Air purification technology can filter the air of your home every hour and connects to your home network so you can control and monitor the device’s performance. You can integrate an air purifier with your smart thermostat, which automatically adjusts the temperature of each room to your preferences and schedule. Want the bedroom a little warmer when you wake in the morning? Create a reoccurring setting right from your phone. You’ll now have a comfortable home with air free from contaminants, dust, and pollen. Home has never been healthier!

Multi-Room Audio for Improved Moods

We all know it’s fun to listen to music. But enjoying music out loud in your home has been proven to lead to more happiness, more quality time spent with loved ones, and even more romance! A worldwide study by speaker manufacturer Sonos compared households that listened to music out loud every day to those with no music, and the results revealed that musical homes improved relationships, cooked more meals, and lifted moods.

With a whole-home audio system, you too can bring this joie de vivre to your family. Multi-room speakers can connect to your smart system to easily power everything on, choose playlists, lower the volume, and even synch with your lights and other media. Maybe it’s pep-up music in the morning, soothing yoga tunes, or a calm indie playlist before bed. But music will be there for you in every room, adding an uplifting soundtrack to your life.

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