Create Dynamic Outdoor Spaces with a Home Automation System   

It’s almost autumn again in Texas, and finally, though it won’t start feeling like it for a while. That means a few more weeks of warm weather to enjoy before it starts to cool down. If you’d like to make the most of your outdoor spaces this season, a home automation system can help. With smart outdoor lighting, audio, video, and spa technology, you’ll be hosting more get-togethers outside than ever.  

To enhance your University Park, TX-area backyard for fall, continue reading our outdoor entertainment ideas below!  

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Outdoor Audio   

Enjoy bonfires and backyard barbecues with your favorite tunes wafting through the breeze. With weatherproof outdoor speakers, you can listen to the same high-quality music as your indoor whole-home audio and connect to those speakers at the same time.  Add inconspicuous rock-shaped speakers to your garden, or line pathways with small bullet speakers. For more powerful sound, 3-way and 2-way bollards are installed partially-buried into the ground and pointing towards your pool, patio, or wherever you would like to contain noise. Subwoofers aren’t just for the indoors, either. In-ground subwoofers are built to endure rain, snow, heat, and dirt, and will add deep bass notes to every playlist. 

Weatherproof TV 

Football season is back, but why spend all game days indoors? Take your tailgating outside with weatherproof TVs that are built to stay outside all year long. Whether you’ll have the screen installed in the sun or shade, there’s a model to fit your needs. If it starts to rain mid-game, no worries—your screen will be fine outside as you take your party indoors. Incorporated into your smart control system, you can easily connect your display to outdoor speakers for robust surround sound. 

Landscape Lighting 

It’s getting darker earlier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swap your living room for the outdoors. When an integrator connects your landscape lighting to a control system, you’ll be free to create a schedule for your exterior lights, so they automatically turn on and off at your preferred times. Illuminate the pool lights in one touch of a button or adjust your tunable LED bulbs to fun party colors. Setting the mood has never been simpler, and when your evening is over, you can turn off the speakers, TV, and lights in just a few swipes on your smartphone.  

Spa Control 

Yes, you can incorporate the hot tub and pool into your smart system, too! Imagine returning home from work and preparing the jacuzzi heater and jets from your phone while you get dressed. Select the temperature and lights you want and later, walk outside to a hot tub ready to enjoy. With outdoor entertainment accessible from just one app, hosting friends and family will be more desirable than ever.   

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