3 Things to Think About When You Consider Revamping Your Entertainment Space 

Entertainment is the heart of any home. It’s capable of bringing your family together during its best moments – serving as a soundtrack to playing outside or cooking dinner together, laughing with one another at a funny joke, and more. TV and movie viewing, and music and podcast listening, are all activities you can enjoy in your Highland Park-area home theater.  

If you have an older home with an original surround sound setup or a system that’s more than a decade old, it’s time to consider an upgraded home theater installation. Your family is missing out on the latest viewing and high-performance listening capabilities currently available with new TVs, projectors, speakers, and other audio/video components that have come onto the market in the last few years.  

Read below to learn how to tell if it’s time to upgrade your home theater, then chat with us at the bottom of your screen to get started on your very own installation in North Texas. 

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Outdated Receiver 

Older AV receivers may still work well in your Texas home, but an upgraded receiver provides you a whole new world of entertainment opportunitiesInputs are prime real estate on the back of receivers that every device needs, and space is limited on older models. If you want to add an Xbox or PS5 to your viewing area, then you need extra inputs on your receiver. Also, most ultra-highdefinition 4K TVs require HDCP 2.2 support on an HDMI input and output. 

Besides needing a place to plug in all of your Highland Park-area home’s devices, newer receivers include more power, digital to analog music conversion, and support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats. 


When you watch a TV show, do you only watch one episode? You probably responded to this question with an emphatic, “No!” In 2015, the word “binge-watch” was recognized as the word of the year by the Collins English Dictionary. One could argue that the word could also have been the word of the year in 2020, with everyone spending more time at home than ever before. 

With binge-watching your favorite shows on Hulu or Disney+, and watching movie marathons on the weekends, it’s difficult to imagine enjoying yourself in an uncomfortable seat for very long. Comfortable seating in luxury fabrics that complement your décor is imperative for any home theater installation. Our home theater technicians will find loungers, couches, recliners, and more that suit your aesthetic and make every seat the “best seat in the house.” 

4K Movie & TV Viewing 

Streaming services are offering more and more 4K content these days, and Blu-ray has offered 4K video for several years. Is your TV or projector up to handle the task? If you prefer to watch more cable TV than use streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, then you may think that a new 4K TV won’t do much good for your homes AV setup. Not every cable provider offers 4K content at this time, but many are slowly yet surely adding 4K high-resolution and supporting 4K video downloads and streaming.  

If your personal cinema or media room only offers 1080p resolution, then it’s time for an overhaul. An upgraded projector or TV will prepare you for the inevitable widespread adoption of the 4K format, plus it will look sleek and stylish in your entertainment areas. You could even go a step further and prepare for technology that is only blossoming as of right now – 8K. TVs with 8K are in the same spot 4K TVs were just a few years ago – there’s not much content available, but cutting-edge chips and processors in modern TVs do smooth out the graininess of older, legacy content.  


Upgrading your home theater doesn’t need to be a hassle. The Texadia Systems team will handle the installation from start to finish, beginning with the initial home consultation. Fill out our online form or call us today to get started.