Discover the Value Smart Lighting Can Bring to Your Home

Lighting can transform the way you, your family, and your guests experience your North Texas home. During the day, a too-dark room can feel claustrophobic; during movie night, glare from a too-bright light can ruin the film. To combat harsh or poorly lit areas of your home with a simple tap of your finger, a lighting control system is the perfect solution.

As the leading Lutron dealer serving University Park, TX, and the surrounding areas, Texadia Systems brings customized lighting and shading solutions to homes just like yours. To shine a light on the possibilities we offer with Lutron, connect with us using our online consultation form.

Automated window treatments and smart lighting work in tandem to craft the perfect ambiance and leave you feeling refreshed and productive, too. Read on below to learn three benefits of home lighting control!

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1. It’s a Scalable Solution

Some people think that incorporating a smart lighting control system into their Texas home is unattainable due to prohibitive costs, but that’s simply not the case! Because Lutron offers many solutions, we’re sure to find one that fits your home best. Besides being a viable offering for any sized home, you can also add lighting on a room-by-room basis. Start with the main living area, your bedroom, or the kitchen because these areas get the most use.

Later on, down the road, you can integrate additional rooms or the in-between spaces of your home, such as hallways and foyers. Then scale your system to the outdoors with smart landscape lighting. Our team of experts can design a system that meets your needs today but ensure it is scalable and will grow to support your future needs.

2. It’s More Than Utility

Sure, electricity and lighting are basic needs of any home, but home lighting control is so much more than that. With the proper lighting – bright task lighting at your desk or natural sunlight streaming through the windows of the reading room, for example – you can do more.

Lutron Ketra vibrancy highlights your home’s artwork using a unique science of tuning individual colors within white light to reflect on objects the way you desire This means your curated art collection shines as the original artist intended.

With tunable LED lighting, you can support your physical and mental wellness as your lighting automatically shifts throughout the day. You can even set the mood for a romantic dinner, dimming the lights perfectly as motorized shades lower to provide you and your partner privacy. When your home’s lighting is part of an integrated Control4 system, your romantic evening can incorporate your whole-home audio system and begin playing music through in-wall speakers.

3. Daylight Harvesting

A Lutron lighting system incorporates shading and electric lights to create the perfect indoor environment. Balancing natural sunlight with artificial lights helps you save on energy costs, too. When natural light is available, indoor lighting will dim or turn off automatically, and décor-complementing fabrics will filter sunlight into the room. Utilizing temperature sensors that communicate with your motorized shades and HVAC system ensure heating and cooling your home is done efficiently every season of the year.

If you’re ready to explore Lutron lighting, call us at 214-956-5820 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!