If Anything Goes Wrong, You’re Never on Your Own  

It’s been a tough year for Texans, and we hope our clients and anyone reading this is doing well. We hope you have power, water, and that the stress of the storm has hopefully passed.  

In the aftermath of the electricity outages and snow, we provided IT support to those with power and intermittent power. We want you to know that we’re just a call away to help you with your security, energy management, and automation systems with managed IT services. Other technology integrators may not have the bandwidth to support their clients in times of need. But at Texadia Systems, we’re proud to be available to our customers. 

Could our AV support services provide the assistance your household needs?  Read on to see how our maintenance plans will protect your University Park, TX systems. And to learn more about the latest home technology, sign up for our free monthly newsletter 

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What DIY Smart Homes Lack   

If all you own is a video doorbell and a couple of smart LEDs, you can probably handle the maintenance on your own. But luxury smart homes with hundreds of connected lights, multi-room speakers, surveillance camerasand access control require professional support. When you have many zones and rooms of automated technology, you’re bound to run into issues from time to time. It’s a complex system with hundreds of moving parts.  

But without managed IT services, it’s up to you to maintain the technology. You could call up an integrator for help, but you could be on a long waiting list. The technician won’t be familiar with your system or how you installed it, and it could lead to even more headaches.  

Smart Homes with Texadia Support  

Dallas-Fort Worth smart homeowners can rest assured they’re always taken care of with our AV support and maintenance plans. We offer flexible plans ranging from Standard Support to Concierge Support. Our in-house team is available over the phone, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm – plus, we also include remote and on-site assistancedepending on the plan you choose. We’ll schedule maintenance checkups twice a year to administer firmware upgrades and test the network.  

Our service plans cover the following technology 

  • Automation systems including Control4 and Alarm.com 
  • Security and surveillance  
  • Whole-home AV  
  • Home theaters  
  • Cable/satellite and network  
  • Outdoor entertainment  
  • Smart lighting and shading  
  • HVAC controls  
  • And more!  

The smart technology and AV in your home should run flawlessly, but as we’ve seen with recent power losses, occasionally, a system can malfunction. You don’t have to scramble to figure it out with manuals and tutorial videos all night. Texadia Systems is here to help.  

If you’d like to learn more about our service plans, contact our team here. We look forward to assisting you!