Discover the Comfort & Convenience You Could Have with Smart Home Control 

Imagine waking up to music playing from your favorite streaming station, blinds automatically rising to let natural sunlight into your bedroom, and smart lighting gradually brightening as you make your way out of bed. It sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? It’s possible to experience this – and more – every day in your Texas home with a Control4 automated home. 

We specialize in breathtaking and innovative home automation and smart control solutions that can change your lifestyle, and we’re proud to be the highest-ranked Control4 Dealer with a Diamond Level certification in Dallas/Fort Worth for four years in a rowOur newly certified Control4 showroom* exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative solutions to homeowners, designers, builders, and architects in North Texas. 

Read more below on what it would be like to incorporate Control4 home control into your new or remodeled homeAnd to get started on your very own automation project, or to visit our Control4 showroomconnect with us now 

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Why Certification Matters 

We’ve written about the experience of a Control4 system frequently in the past, so our readers know that we highly regard this brand as one of the best in smart home controlAs a Control4 dealer, we strive to offer exciting new approaches to your favorite technologies and integrating them into your daily lifestyle.  

Attaining the special Control4 Certified Showroom status is an achievement we’re very proud of. It shows that our design staff and technicians are the best of the best and have demonstrated their expertise in orchestrating disparate smart devices into one intuitive and easytouse system that homeowners can control with the simple press of a finger or with a voice command. 

We’ve passed a series of elevated standards and are now a special subset of Control4 dealers with a Certified Control4 Showroom. When you visit our showroom, you’ll be able to experience what it would be like to have smart home automation at your fingertips, with automatically adjusted lighting, motorized shading solutions, and more. 

As the premier Control4 dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, we would love to invite you to our Control4 Certified Showroom for an experience like no other you’ve ever experienced. Fill out our online form to get started. We can’t wait to work with you. 

*In March 2021, our Control4 showroom certification becomes official.