As a Control4 Diamond Dealer, We Bring You the Ultimate In Comfort & Convenience

We all lead hectic lives and could use a little more convenience in our lives.

By incorporating your smart lighting, automated window treatments, HVAC and more into one integrated Control4 control system, you can experience a new level of luxury and comfort in your Southlake home. Texadia Systems is your local Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, Control4 dealer and the highest-ranked Control4 Diamond Dealer for 4 years in a row. We take that designation to heart and strive to bring superior solutions to our clients.

Read on below to learn how incorporating smart home automation can improve your lifestyle, save you time, and bring Texas-sized fun to your home.

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Make Life Easier

A smart home goes beyond simply installing the latest technological gadgets in your home. With Control4 smart home automation, you can bring all of your home’s solutions under the control of one easy to use system instead of having several different devices that don’t communicate with one another.

This means that with a simple button press on a touch screen or NEEO remote—or even with a voice command—you can become the conductor of your Texas home’s technology and welcome convenience and luxury to your routine.

A New Experience

With a finger tap, you can raise your motorized shades to allow natural sunlight to shine inside of your Dallas-area home at the beginning of the day. As the day passes, the room may become too warm; your climate control system can then signal your HVAC to start cooling the room without needing any input from you!

You can even program your entire home’s lighting to automatically turn on, off, or dim with preprogrammed scenes or a simple button press. As the sun sets in the evening, your landscape lighting will turn on automatically while your interior lights follow their own preprogrammed circadian schedule or “mockupancy” scene, ensuring that your home is well lit to deter burglars, whether you’re at home or away.

Now imagine initiating the ‘Movie Night’ scene in your home theater. Motorized shades lower to block out the glaring sun, the lights will dim, and your AV system will cue up your favorite movie streaming platform. All you need to do for a riveting movie night with the family is bring the popcorn and your favorite beverage.

Top Tier Solutions & Support

Our Continuity of Service plans are custom-crafted to meet your smart home automation needs with post-installation support. These plans feature various service levels to ensure your system has full functionality, without interruptions.

Call us today at 214-956-5820 or connect with us here to discuss the new possibilities that a Control4 system can bring to your Southlake, TX home. We look forward to speaking with you!