Host More Efficient and High-Quality Video Conferences

Even as offices open and people slowly return to work, the way we communicate in the business world has forever changed. Conferencing solutions from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Starleaf allow us to meet with colleagues, partners, and clients from anywhere, whether in Texas or on another continent.

How is your business currently connecting to virtual conferences? A laptop or single computer webcam may work for one person, but not an entire team. You need a system that seamlessly shares presentations while capturing high-quality audio and video.

That’s how a professional Zoom Room setup can elevate the way your company conducts meetings. In our McKinney, TX-area experience center, you can see firsthand how a smart conference room works. We’ll share what that entails below! 

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Perfectly Seen and Heard

While you’re in a meeting, you’ll want to ensure you can hear your clients clearly, and vice versa. Our conferencing experience center includes a ceiling-mounted microphone that can capture your entire team’s ideas. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers emit high-quality audio, and we can treat your space for acoustics to avoid distracting echo. Soundproofing will keep your meetings private and prevent disturbing the rest of the office.

Visually, we use a dedicated Zoom PC behind the display. With an HD video web camera mounted for 120-degree horizontal wide-angle views, you’ll perfectly capture everyone in the room.

Instant Control

In our experience center, you’ll find a wall-mounted touch panel that controls screens, audio, lights, and shades in just a few simple taps. An occupancy sensor will activate the room instantly when someone enters—no action necessary. You won’t have to fret about preparing the space or spend too much time setting up technology. Your conference room can be all automated, just like ours.

Conferencing accessories like the Starleaf Pronto or Crestron AirMedia let you swiftly and wirelessly connect any macOS or Windows computer to your projector or screen with no need for adaptors or additional software. Your visitors and guests can also share their screens with ease, plugging the Pronto into a USB port with 4K Ultra HD output.

A Complete Setup

Hardware is only one piece of the puzzle. We’ll wire your room for reliable connectivity with discreetly hidden cables. Once furniture and AV components are arranged and installed, you’ll add users to the Zoom Rooms portal, which can integrate with your Google or Microsoft calendars. We’ll help you prepare a Room Account card and demonstrate how to navigate the controller, so everything runs smoothly.

Are you ready for a complete Zoom Room setup with smart technology in your office? Contact Texadia Systems to discuss and learn more about our immersive experience center.