Our Experience Center Is Open for Business

No business can operate successfully without effective communication and collaboration. In a time where so many people are working from home or virtual offices, it’s more important than ever to have updated Audio, Video and Communication solutions for your business. In fact, it’s fair to say you won’t be able to compete in your industry without them. If your commercial AV equipment in Plano area is driving a wedge between your mission and implementation, then Texadia Systems has the solution: Now you can experience many solutions firsthand through our interactive Experience Center! You can see one of our conference room simulations pictured above.

Having said that, we know that any conference room technology will be an investment. Now that society is ramping up and starting to run again, you have the opportunity to experience something before you make a decision, and right now is a great time to do that!

From 4K TVs and high-definition projectors to high-quality speakers and fully integrated control systems, there are so many excellent solutions to experience with us during your tour. As more and more businesses are opening their doors again, it’s essential that you take the lead by improving the quality of your internal and external communications equipment. Keep reading for a virtual walkthrough of conference room tools, including those you can expect to see in our showroom.

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Modern Conference Room Devices on Display

Take your next meeting to the next level. With “next generation” conferencing systems from companies like Zoom and Starleaf, we can upgrade your boardroom with state-of-the-art equipment, such as interactive whiteboards, speakers that provide clear audio, and a reliable connection so your video conferences never buffer or lag. Best of all, everything is tailored to meet your needs and deliver optimal results for your space. You can see how these systems work and interact and explore their ultimate ease of use within our Crestron rooms.

LED panel displays you see from Absen improve the atmosphere and effectiveness of your meetings. You probably already know that a dazzling video display can impress visitors. But you can also display promotional offers, solutions you sell, and more to raise your revenue through upselling.

It’s time to equip your team with the products and solutions in an environment they need to effectively and efficiently collaborate! Some of the commercial AV equipment on display in our Experience Center includes:

  • Digital Signage
  • LED Video Walls,
  • Huddle Rooms,
  • Multiple Audio Applications,
  • Multiple Audio and Video Conferencing Platforms,
  • Scheduling Panels & Control Systems,
  • Sound Masking & Acoustical Panels

An Audio-Visual System That’s Meant to Impress

Top-quality commercial technology and AV systems go far beyond the boardroom. Imagine what it can do to attract customers as well as attract talent and future employees for your business. For instance, whether you manage a business needing open space planning, conference environments, medical facilities or restaurant or bar, everything comes down to ambiance. You’ll see how seamlessly it all connects as you select and manage meetings, virtual training, media sources, flip through playlists or adjust volume. It brings us so much joy to show customers how easy it is to manage it all using the Crestron control system.

Experience the Difference!

There are so many ways to upgrade the technology at your business. Since Texas is beginning to lift its lockdown restrictions as the coronavirus curve has been flattened, we can’t wait to meet local people who share our love of this technology. Our knowledgeable and friendly associates are happy to show you our Experience Center firsthand and help you determine a solution that is right for your business.

You can find us at 4355 Excel Pkwy, Ste 600, Addison, TX 75001. If you’ve been to our main office before, you’ll find the Experience Center adjacent to that space.


Get started by booking an appointment today! Or you call (480) 503-3400 to speak with us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you!