How StarLeaf, Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Can All Work Together with High-Quality AV

The business world is quickly adapting to telecommuting practices, so you won’t want to let your company fall behind. We’re seeing a shift in the ways partners interact with each other, virtually hosting meetings across state and international borders. If you’d like to enhance the way your communication operations run, you’ll first need to look at your conferencing technology to keep up.

For a productive system, you’re going to need the right hardware, audio and video, and a setup for success. At Texadia Systems, based in Frisco, TX, we’re experienced with installing conference room audio video solutions for all different types of room spaces. Read on to see what we can do to help your company thrive. 

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StarLeaf Conferencing & Huddle Room Hardware

Putting on a presentation has never been so simple. StarLeaf’s all-in-one system lets you plug any device into their touch screen console, and instantly, your screen will appear on the projector display. No other steps are necessary—you’re all set to start guiding the team through your meeting.

When teleconferencing, StarLeaf’s Camera C10 provides a 120-degree viewing angle, so everyone in the room can say hello to your team in New York. The Pronto cable is another essential for any huddle space, letting you immediately switch what’s on the screen the moment you connect. StarLeaf hardware is compatible with Microsoft, which is convenient if you’re already using Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams & Zoom Rooms

You can use your StarLeaf tech in part with your Microsoft software to access, share, and edit Word documents, PowerPoints, and Excel spreadsheets in real-time. Connect across the building or the globe with Microsoft’s phone calling system plan that brings anyone into the conference in seconds.

Take your video meetings further with Zoom Rooms. You may have heard of people using Zoom in business or their private lives to video chat in large groups. Zoom and Microsoft became official partners last year, so Microsoft Teams and Zoom users can join each other’s meetings in respective room services.

Zoom Rooms has its own boardroom specialties, like interactive whiteboarding and sharing multiple desktops at the same time. From StarLeaf to Microsoft and Zoom, you can sync each manufacturer’s best features to make your workflow as simple as one press of a button.

High-Quality Video & Audio

A technology integrator can assemble your conferencing technology and connect it to high-end AV devices so that everything is streamlined without wires all over the room. Whether you choose to use a 4K projector or HD flat screen for displays, we’ll make sure it’s easy to activate and connect to through your Crestron smart system, which will house all your technology under one umbrella.

By installing speakers with even frequency range and soundproofing materials on the walls, you’ll hear all calls crystal clear. Just as importantly, your team’s voices won’t bounce around the room, echoing into the microphone. Everyone can listen to and see each other as if the meeting were happening in real life. And for the rest of the office? Sound masking audio will minimize distractions so they won’t hear your chatter and can focus on work.


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