Here’s How Acoustic Treatments Can Help   

When you’re on a call in the conference room, are you embarrassed by the sound of you and your team’s voices echoing around the room? If you try to conduct video meetings and calls in an echoing room, everyone participating has to strain to hear you through the distracting sound. Recording audio in such a room is a nightmare, and even high-end microphones don’t stand a chance against echo.      

That’s no good! Echoing conference rooms are a common problem in many Texas offices, especially in newly built or purchased spaces. 

If your Dallas/Fort Worth conference room is echoing, you would benefit from acoustic treatments. We explain what acoustic treatments are and how they work in the article below. And if you’re looking for professional acoustic treatments for your businesscontact our team of AV professionals 

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Why Your Conference Room is Echoing  

If your meeting room is large, square, has high ceilings, or bare walls, you’re likely experiencing echo. Glass walls are stylish and sleek, but they’re echo culprits, too. Why? When sound waves reverberate in a hard-surfaced room, they will bounce back and forth several times before dissipating. Hard and flat surfaces offer no way to spread or absorb the sound.  

You need soft materials in your conference room to absorb sound waves bouncing from wall to wallIf you have hard furniture, a hard floor, and hard walls, there’s going to be lots of reverb. Luckily, we can treat your conference room to balance sounds for your calls, videos, presentations, and brainstorming sessions.   

Acoustic Treatments to Reduce Echo  

There are two main goals of acoustic treatments: to absorb and scatter soundwaves. Materials like foam and fiberglass are excellent to absorb reverberating sound, yet what matters most is thickness. Two to three inches of soft absorption materials on the walls should be more than enough to absorb speech sound levels. We can strategically install acoustic panels at the perfect locationsso echo disappears.  

Believe it or not, it’s possible to reduce echo too well. Our ears need a little bit of sound reflection, and ‘dead’ sounding rooms are uncomfortable to be in (think sound isolation rooms). If this is the case, geometric shapes like a bookshelf or wall sculpture can help scatter sound across the room for a balanced atmosphere.  

Blend Acoustics Into Conference Room Design  

Many everyday decorations can help with echoes like rugs, carpets, and bookshelves. But larger, emptier spaces will need more help from professional acoustic treatments.  

We can discreetly install acoustic panels in your conference room that no one will ever noticeFoam panels that look like photographs or artwork will not only enhance the room’s interior but will take care of echo. In-wall fiberglass installations can also help contain sound and minimize distractions. Plus, soundproof curtains can help with those glass walls while you’re on a call.  

Ready to improve your conference room with professional acoustic treatments? Contact Texadia System in Dallas here or chat with a member of our staff below. We look forward to assisting you!