How Do Compressed Schedules Affect a Commercial AV Installation?   

We live in an increasingly rapid-paced society—even speed limits have increased up to 80 mph in some areas. But speed is not always the smartest option. And when it comes to commercial AV projects, ‘fast’ does not lead to high-quality results.    

Often, we need to pump the brakes and evaluate the consequences of moving too quickly. We’ve all heard the ‘Fast, Good, and Affordable’ theory—that you can only have two. Most people believe if a service is affordable and good, it won’t be fast. If it’s affordable and fast, it won’t be good. And if it’s fast and good, the service won’t be affordable.  

So, what’s the best choice for a commercial AV installation? What kind of business should you partner with if you’re looking for a new technology system? As an integrator that services the Prosper, TX, area, we’ll share the best course of action below.  

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Fast, Good, or Affordable  

Which one impacts the project or product the most? Through the eyes of a project manager, they would say fast. Anytime you rush anything, even daily tasks like driving or grocery shopping, you’ll find yourself making mistakes or forgetting important details. Cutting corners does not give you the allotted time to do anything correctly.   

What Causes Compressed Schedules?  

Why do AV installation firms rush their projects? It could be for several factors. Companies may experience product backorder. There might be changes in a product or solution. Even weather can be a risk factor. Other trades may need to complete their tasks before the next team can start their work, leading to a delay. And when these incidents happen, schedules get pushed out, and completion dates move.   

Compression Has a Cost  

The tricky part to swallow for most businesses is that compression has a cost attached to it, whether financial, quality, or both. And usually, neither monetary nor quality loss is easy for any party to accept when there is a budget to maintain.     

Here are some areas that are initially impacted by compressed schedules being pushed against multiple constraints: 

  • Safety  
  • Unanticipated overtime  
  • Quality of work 
  • Morale and productivity of the team 

Project managers do all they can to communicate and set clear expectations with clients. And most often, a slower pace will ensure the best outcome. If customers want a high-quality AV solution for their home or business, they need to trust that it will take time.   

Partner with a Reputable Installer  

At Texadia Systems, we take the time necessary to complete our projects right the first time. It requires careful attention to accurately integrate all the equipment in a building. If you’re looking for a commercial AV integrator and the deadline sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Details will be missed with short deadlines, and by working with a professional like Texadia Systems, you’ll avoid lots of headaches down the road.  

If you’re ready to get started with your commercial AV installation, contact Texadia Systems to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you!