What’s in Our Listening Room?

It may sound melodramatic, but a high-end audio system can change lives. Hear us out! Because music is deeply linked to our emotional experiences, when you listen to audio throughout your house, you’ll find yourself in higher spirits. In fact, a recent music study surveyed 30,000 people and tracked the lifestyles of 30 homes to see what happens when people listen to music for a week. The research found that, when listening to music, families and couples talked to each other more, felt less stressed, felt more inspired, enjoyed cooking more, and were more active.

And with speakers that make your music collection sing, you’ll be compelled to enjoy your favorites more often and unlike ever before. But you may be wondering: how good can it actually sound? That’s why we built our dedicated high-end audio listening room in Addison, TX.

To hear the magic of high-end audio for yourself, give us a call to make an appointment in our demo facility. We’ll put on your choice of music and listen to the rich bass and hear distinct voices and instruments. What can you expect to see in our listening room? Read on below to see which brands we offer and why they stand out.

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Since 1970, McIntosh has created home audio speakers with the mission to replicate live musical performances as accurately as possible. In our listening room, you’ll hear snare drums roll gently, distinct guitar strings, and a singer’s voice warble in rich texture as if it’s all around you. Whether you’re interested in multi-room audio or a home theater setup, McIntosh amplifiers bring the power and sonic integrity to speakers while ensuring they never blow out. Its home theater audio/video processors connect all media components for a premium quality sound that’s easy to use and customize. By installing through Texadia Systems, you can always start small with your speaker system and build as time goes on, upgrading your home or theater with rich, opulent audio.

Sony ES

Sold only through qualified AV installers, the Sony ES products are Sony’s finest audio products that can’t be found in big box stores like Best Buy. Standing for ‘Elevated Standard’, ES includes Sony’s top-of-the-line products that are built specifically for audio installers. The ES receivers’ exterior allows for easier integration into racks and software for enhanced compatibility. The receivers support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound, so it will sound as though objects are truly moving around you in the home theater or media room.

JL Audio 

Subwoofers are the ‘wow’ factor of any high-end audio system. They are also JL Audio’s specialty. Its in-room powered subwoofers have received the highest accolades from audio reviewers and audiophiles worldwide. Inside each model is a specifically engineered driver that powers robust bass sounds. JL Audio’s subwoofers offer a truly unique experience—the kind that makes first-time listeners say, “Woah” and desire to hear more.

Triad Speakers

If you want whole home audio without the bulk of speakers in each room, Triad’s architectural speakers virtually disappear into ceiling and walls. Its in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature pivoting tweeters and are crafted with a round, white grill so you’ll notice the sound, not the speakers. The grills can also be custom painted to blend into your walls and ceiling or made in a square shape. Quick and simple to install, the Distributed Audio Series tweeter bridge doubles as a handle​, and the mounting screw system is designed to significantly reduce installation time.

To hear and see the magnitude of Triad’s architectural speakers, don’t miss them in our listening room. Whether you prefer jazz, hard rock, or classical, we’ll demonstrate what they sound like so you can make the right choice for your home.


Ready to experience Triad, JL Audio, Sony ES, and McIntosh? Visit our showroom in the Addison, TX area, and contact us here to make your appointment.