Discover the Many Ways You Can Use Your Whole-Home Sound System  

Multi-room audio is one of the most enjoyable and convenient ways to experience music. In just a press of a button, high-fidelity sound can flow through every room of your house—and outdoors too! So, whether you’re tidying up or hosting a party, whole-home speakers always liven up the mood.  

We often talk about selecting music for multi-room systems on your phone or tablet, skipping tracks and choosing playlists. But whole-home sound systems aren’t limited to streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. You can play much more on your multi-room speakers, like vinyl, the TV, radio, and more.  

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Multi-Room Vinyl  

If you’re a vinyl collector, you don’t have to stay in one room when you want to pull a record out of its sleeve and listen. If you have an audio receiver with a phono input, all you need to do is connect the turntable’s audio cable into the receiver phono input. If you don’t have a phono input, you’ll need a phono preamplifier to connect the record player to the speaker system.  

Now you’re all set to enjoy vinyl over your whole-home system, either through a wireless or wired network. You can walk freely about the house while records play, and if you’re hosting a get-together, music fans can congregate by the record player while the rest of the house listens on through whole-home speakers.  

TV Audio   

Multi-room audio can also connect to your TV or home theater, which is handy in many scenarios. Maybe the game’s on, and you want to hear the score and commentary while mingling in other rooms. Or perhaps you’ve turned on music TV channels while artists and song names display on the screen.   

Much like a record player, you’ll need to connect your speakers to the TV media source. To create a multi-zone and multi-source system (i.e., to play both your record player, TV, and other sources), you’ll need a control system that can send signals to multiple locations.   

If your house is already equipped with network wiring, you can easily distribute audio signals over the same data wires. Or you can use Wi-Fi-enabled speakers and a receiver, as long as the devices are compatible.   


Sometimes it’s nice to not worry about choosing the next song or album. Enjoy your favorite Dallas/Ft. Worth stations and let a radio DJ take over. Audio receivers include built-in radio outputs, so all you need to do is press AM or FM.  

Digital Library  

If you’ve amassed a digital library of downloaded music, you can include it in your multi-room experience, too! Devices like the McIntosh music streamer store and connect your entire digital collection to your speaker setup.    

Don’t Forget CDs & Cassettes  

Your old CDs and cassettes can shine again in a multi-source and multi-room audio setup. We simply connect the CD player to the receiver. That way, you don’t have to toss out your music collection; you can still enjoy familiar favorites over a new multi-zone system. And believe it or not, brand new music, like Billie Eilish, is being released on tape!  

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